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  1. I have no idea what an ukulele is. But it reminds me that I just ordered my m1911 colt .45!
  2. Banned for such hard to read words.
  3. Though this is merely based on opinion, let us base this on a general consumer viewpoint. I do believe The Force Unleashed is around 8 - 10 hours of game play. I'm not saying that game is any worse or better than Castle Crashers, but let's do the math. Castle Crashers - 7 Hours of Game play (not including re playability) / $15.00 = $2.14 per hour of game play. Force Unleashed - 10 hours of Game play (max) / $60.00 (not including tax) = $6.00 per hour of game play. You may want to heed your own advice. Take care. TFU is trash though. I also thought Lucas Arts was going to make their first good games starting with TFU and Fracture. Turns out, their both just as crappy. In TFU, you effortlessly hold down the block button which blocks every and all attacks except explosions. The only reason the game is hard is because when the enemy shoots you a 1/4 of your health bar has gone down (Guestiemate) Most of all, you bring some good points up. What also keep in mind what else your paying for in the 60$ titles. (I look for gameplay+story) I'm never usually satisfied with a game that has -15 hours of gameplay. My first games were titles like Super Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina OT. The only new games I've seen come out to live up to 15+ hours and then some is Oblivion. I felt that I was stealing that at a price of $30 (When I bought it) Second of all, why would you compare a replayable, multiplayer capable game with a game that has non of those features. SImply unfair. The only reason they charge $60 is because they focused on the cool "force"gameplay and half assed everything else. In my opinon, TFU is only rental worthy like any other title Lucas Arts have made (Besides Jedi Outcast) Just cause it's $60 dollars doesn't mean its a good game. I was skeptical about buying CC at first is because the arcade section of the market place should be re-named, collection of the worst games ever. Although some pieces of gold emerge from that god-forsaken place. (ie CC, Marble Blast Ultra.) "What I'm Saying is that gameplay and story should go hand in hand together but instead their on either side of the an iron fence made of tigers." Right back at you, a fan.
  4. If your saying multiplayer is perfect, they wouldn't be making a patch. DUH! 4 player is only sustainable for a couple of minutes. Multiplayer exists, but it's so dreadfully difficult it's not worth the 10 hour wait for a 5 minute battle. Data recovery? Then why are people not obtaining their lost data? And if it's so easy, why doesn't everybody know about it? I can understand this guy's frustration. I was pissed too because I thought I had bought a broken game. And he's just willing to make a big deal out of nothing. One complaint probably won't do much, I don't know much about the BBB, but it might not take much for them to take a look at things. And 15$ is not a steal for an arcade game which is less than 7 hours of gameplay. To me, it's a rip off. But after 3 years of development, they probably wanted a good sum of money. If anything. I downloaded the trial game EXIT today. If anything, THAT is a rip off. Worst game in the history of games. Literally it's poop. Of course you speak for yourself, it's coming out of your freakin mouth! And of course it won't be well received. Its like saying Halo 3 sucks on Please think before you speak. Oh yeah, don't try to be smart. Ever.
  5. Banned for not accepting those invites.
  6. Banned f0r n0tz c0rr3ct puctuizationz!
  7. I think they want to be around when Bungie creeps out of it's hole to roar it's new title out. It just makes sense, there's going to be lots of people watching, who wouldn't want to attract more possible fans? It might not be the greatest time to announce Behemoth's next game because it might be overshadowed by what ever Bungie is making and teasing the community with. Oh and by the way Dan, take lots of pics on your trip to Japan. I sure the community would like to see what it's like there. Tattoos! Again back to that RVB link I posted a few days ago, anybody watch it? Agree? I sure did. "Why not get a design of your favorite online cartoon?" Take a pic when it gets done. "Remember to avoid band logos, any band to remain cool for over 10 years was Madonna, and your not fooling anybody by getting a tattoo of her" I like the way they think!
  8. Banned for being too awesome. XD
  9. He made a good point about how it's easy to lose sight on the one your controlling, and how you'll be swinging in the air more than hitting your enemy.
  10. That's what that giant crapping bat boss is for. Boomerang to the rescue!
  11. Um... Glitch... He already said: I think it may be your xbox. Call them up and tell them you got the "Three red rings" they'll ask you what color the power box turns (Geen, orange) when you turn on the xbox. Say "Orange" Follow their directions and they should send you a free box in the mail.
  12. To keep it clean (four words I know, so here) Keep it clean. Stop posing, please. (three words) Piss off, Please (three words you annoying SOB)
  13. Banned for having the Blue Knight as your gamer pic even though you favor Red. Wow, talk about hypocrisy.
  14. To keep it clean (four words I know, so here) Keep it clean.
  15. Yeah, I like the sound of that title. Badge FTW! Which reminds me, Bungie is really kicking it's community/fanbase in the nuts. It's getting out of hand, they locked a good topic because They perma-banned a member because he posted an intelligent thread about the BR spread. And they just reset their ranks. So all that time you spent on your rank is now wasted. I'm really drawing away from those guys. Screw them.
  16. Japan? Are you guys going to make an appearance for the Tokyo Game show?
  17. Your banned for having such a long GT!