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  1. starnge i did not get the glitch that way but who knows
  2. ok hiiiiiiiii you all knew this was comeing so fav levels as well with fav songs mine are cyclops stage ice levels tall grass field and the last levels what are your i love these fourms and i love this game more also fav songs are the ones i listed in the level also i love medusa stage and the barracks level
  3. what are your fav weapons mine medusa sword ice sword glowing rod snakey weapon and hmm kings staff what are yours ?
  4. you forgo t golden axe ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i only got that glitch one time other then that it not bad
  6. i love golden axe for life all about te green knome who you play as and i like those nomes that stole your money and food this song for the win for meromys ... re=related
  7. yea 80's i love my sega good times and the snes too this reminds me of golden axe
  8. no lol glitch im not say the tmnt game was better im saying that it is epic like castle crashers silly lol and yea the cartoons in old days are the best like darkwing duck ducktales and looney tunes all of them
  9. your welcome man the good old days of good cartoons
  10. ... re=related you tell me what you think the good old days
  11. dan i love this game but i got a question how can i get a castle crasher background for my phone or a ringtone and do you think you guys will make blankets posters or other things castle crashers i love love love this game so much
  12. banned for bridgiader but not genreal