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  1. we lost power, and it's probably gonna be out for a few more days ( i'm at college typing this) and i may not get you a good version of what you need untill wednsday or friday, but i basically have it done.
  2. you just want the things listed in the first post then?or if you have AIM maybe we could discuss this?
  3. i can help, but i might not be available very often (i'm in college after all, but i can usually find time a few times a week). i've also been wanting to do a castle crashers comic for a little while now. one where the bad guys are the main characters. ( i have alot of the chcaracters already made so i'm just struggling with writing) =\
  4. i've noticed the grey knight can't pick up the pitchfork either, but he can get the barbarian axe. :\
  5. i dont think it's HIS problem...
  6. once you buy the game the main game theme is free (as in, you have to go download it yourself), and for gamerpics, all i got was blue knight & a barbarian.
  7. the difficulty is why i didnt like alien hominid... but i guess a difficulty setting would be nice for the people who want a challenge. i myself am a casual gamer, i play mostly on normal or easy settings, but so far i love castle crashers
  8. my god man, have you gone insane!!!! CHOOSE!! DAMNIT!! CHOOSE!!
  9. thats quite alright... it gets to the best of us. lol
  10. I'm guessing English isn't your first language, but the word you're looking for is opinion. And if English is your first language and you still think it's "option," well, you need a lot more help than I can give you. And you're completely right. In a library of literally hundreds of titles, Castle Crashers is the first good game to come out. *rolleyes* Have fun with your Wii shovelware. Yes english is my first language I'm just have 100 replies to answer on... and yes in my OPINION it is the only good xbox game... look here for example Xbox Graphics 8 Gameplay 4 (lol it's like Nes) Design 7 (O-K) Total 18 PS3 Graphics 10 Gameplay 7 (They stole wii's motion sensor thing) Design 3 (It's so @._*^+ fat Total 20 Wii Graphics 7 Gamepay 10 (Amazing) Design 10 (thin sparkling and nice control, memory card and sd card places) Total 27 Xbox even gets pwnd in it's own + the graphics... wow... just, wow...
  11. All through August so far XBLA games have come out at 1am PST. w00t!