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  1. I would like to see: -The option for 2v2 in Arena. -New Levels (Preferably like the Industrial Castle level) -A New Difficulty (In between Normal and Insane Mode that is for lvls around 30-60) -More Options in Arena like: making Food drop from the sky, playing when lvls matter, etc. -And of course new weapons, pets, and characters. I think it would be pretty awesome to see additions like these in Castle Crashers. What would you like to see in the next Update/DLC
  2. Stop postin the whole racist thing. Everyone has seen it its not funny anymore.
  3. i got 1250 in Gears, cuz im legit.... but also becuz i've pretty much had it since it came out. If you wanna play me, hit me up. My GT is my forum name.
  4. Yah the first poll i voted for Rammy but this one i voted for Hawkster cuz hes always attackin and givin you food.
  5. im not gonna try until they fix the online issues.
  6. For his looks or his ability? Cuz his ability doesnt sound that great
  7. I remade this poll to get more accurate results than my previous one, by replacing pets that barely got any votes. I also added the option to revote in case you change your mind. If you want to view all the pets click on this link: http://castlecrashers.steam-punk.net/Pets Feel free to tell the community what you voted for and why. If you voted for "Other", be sure to post which pet is your favorite.
  8. not that hard for a friend to kill everything for you....
  9. I take offense to that Then again, I only use red for the story, and Conehead for the arena. Hehe im sorry but you gotta admit it can be kinda cheap.
  10. They should add a really cool pet, weapon, or character that would cost a lot so you can look foward to saving up for something.