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  1. I'm somewhat known for maturity, but this one made me laugh. Anyways, knowing how mighty-awesome Behemoth is with characters, I would hope that it wasn't the standard "Raining-Arrows" magic that was given to many unlockable characters in the game.
  2. This is one weapon that I will NOT trade for with anyone. I want to earn this on my own. But for reference, does this weapon just appear in stock after you beat Insane? Or do you have to pick it up?
  3. I'd be glad to help, go ahead and send me a message when you get on. I'll invite accordingly.
  4. Be careful.. I just joined this forum yesterday, but people here seem much nicer. This being, I haven't seen one post containing hatred here at all. No flamesuits needed! Anyways, I'll be on continually throughout the day. I take hourly cigarette breaks, and later I'm going out to eat. Just remember, send me a message before a friend request.
  5. Just yesterday, I was having trouble finding someone to trade weapons with. I was looking for the Septor, and in turn, got the Blood-Stained Sword and the gun from Alien Hominid along with it. I felt like it would be a great idea (if it pleases the community) to create a place where I can keep an updated list as to who's willing to hand these weapons out to people. If you don't mind getting a Friend Request on occasion to help out a forumer get one of these weapons (or any others he/she might be missing) then post your name! I'll start. 1.) Sctt 2.) IcedPea 3.) iRenegade UK 4.) The Phr3ak 5.) Tycho 6.) Nin10doWii 7.) SuperShrimp4 8.) 9.) 10.)
  6. Go ahead and send me a message. My Gamertag is Sctt. When selecting a recipient for a message, just press Y and enter my Gamertag.
  7. I'd love to hand it out, along with the gun from Alien Hominid, and the Blood-Stained Sword. Send me a message, my Gamertag is Sctt. To do so, set up a message.. When selecting a recipient, press Y to enter my Gamertag. I'd be glad to help whenever I'm online.
  8. Story: Red Knight. Arena: Bear. Gotta love the Red Knight when he's lvl 99!
  9. I'd be more than happy to spread this around to people. (I have no issue just handing it out, but if anybody has the Septor, I'd be more than happy with a trade!) My Gamertag is Sctt. Send me a message first, because my Friends List is usually full. Do this by setting up a message. When selecting a recipient, press Y to enter my gamertag. I'll invite you if I'm on, or message you back.
  10. If I could get on that waiting list, it would be fantastic. Always having trouble getting into a game.. This would definitely help! Gamertag: Sctt
  11. I'm on Flowery Fields, but I haven't had much motivation to go further. Does anything special happen if you beat it on Insane? Not that it's humanly possible or anything.
  12. If anybody would like the Alien Homonid Gun, Septor, or Blood Stained Sword, send me a message. To do this, set up a message. When selecting a recipient, press Y to type in my gamertag, Sctt. I'd be happy to hand it out. This may seem corny, but I'll update the Status below as to whether or not I'm online and willing to hand it out. Status: Offline. Sleeping, be back on around 2:00-3:00