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  1. heres mine a little late...
  2. Lars

    You're banned!

    He started this topic.
  3. Lars

    You're banned!

    How ironic, Marine54 got permabanned
  4. Yea, what dan say's goes... The alien would have eyes if it was the alien.
  5. The game already has a name, "Game #3". If that was not its name then I highly doubt they would have released a trailer... think a little bit...........
  6. Warcraft>WoW, WoW is a game that feels like you are really working on a full time job and you are paying blizz to work for them. It pretty much is as no life as you can get and nerdy also. no offence
  7. Lars

    Signature Grab Bag

    The rules for this are simple, I will enter a random "water marked" signature every once and a while. And the first person to claim it in the right format will get their name typed on it. I will check on this thread daily for claims. Once someone has claimed a signature I will PM them the one with their name on it. If you claim a signature once it has been claimed by another person I will just Ignore it. To pick a font go to and link me a font. The format for claiming a signature Name:(Your name here) Signature:(Signature you want here) Font:(Font you want here) Format Example Name:Bill94 Signature:The Mirrors Edge one Font: Notes I will not take signature requests, so don't bother posting them. If you do not follow the format your request will be ignored. If you want a quote or writing other than your name please say so. "The Grab Bag"
  8. me and my bud marine beat him with 2 people inaine with a lvl 50 and lvl 70
  9. There is NO exploit if you have got the update. Mine is lvl 70 LEGIT in one day. I started yesterday at 11:00 PM
  10. Can someone please list all Melee combos for a lvl 99 character?
  11. Whoa Emil poops out of the err.... pops out of the darkness once again!