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  1. Alright guys...i apologize..lately i've been having some gf troubles...a lot of stuff going on in my personal life right now...and i really havent had the time to help out. Well now i have everything straightened out and i can help anyone who needs it. I'm gonna wipe the slate of "needing weapons" clean so that i don't get overwhelmed. Just tell me again if you need weapons, and send me a pm on here so that you can let me know what you need and what your gamertag is. Thanks
  2. 2 99's...Orange and Red and a...i think 50? Fire demon
  3. Beat it 7 times Being sick for a whole week and having nothing to do...aah the benifits
  4. Right now i'm offline, but if u post right now i'll be able to give u any weapon you need...only for a little bit though... Thanks
  5. i hate to burst your bloon but cc is an exclusive to xbox360. so ya no pc version. Seriously? I thought it was on PC, or at least an arcade game, or SOMETHING!!!! lol...idk i feel really dumb now.
  6. Is it possible those weapons are for the PC version of the game?
  7. Lol welcome dude...just wait...ull wet urself once u see how amazing it is
  8. Thanks to everyone offering to give me the Rubber Handle...unfortunatly, i'm away from my xbox, as i'm at my dad's house for the night. I will be on tomorrow around 6:30 EST if anyone would be availible then to give it to me that'd be great. Thanks! Also, The list is being updated atm Thanks
  9. I think i've added everyone's needs to the list... If someone wouldn't mind giving me the Rubber Handle that'd be great... Just send my GT a request... GT: XI DiiGLET IX Thanks
  10. If someone could give me the rubber handle that'd be great. just message my GT XI DiiGLET IX Thanks
  11. I'm off for the night. I'll be sure to update first thing in the morning. Thanks DiiGLET
  12. This is just an assumption...but this is probably the same thing as going to a shop, buying a potion/weapon/sandwich/etc, and exiting to the map, then it will save. Just what i'm thinking but...It's probably the same thing