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  1. Actually, me too. My health teacher told us to bring in something completely random next class. I'm interested to see what we are going to do...
  2. Thanks! no need for a bigger one. It's just about perfect size!
  3. Thanks, but I already tried that. Couldn't find anything.
  4. I need a good picture of the mount from forest entrance for some sort of weird project. Thanks for the help! -Spartan78541
  5. OSHI-! I'm back! Some of you guys still remember me, hopefully. I used to be a regular here, creating things in gimp. I don't think I made many creations after I got a tablet though...but today I felt like picking up mah tablet and launch up Adobe Elements. I remember making a think called the death knight a while ago, so a newer version is what I decided to draw!
  6. Flood? Forums? I'll bring a balisong
  7. 360 idk about the time though, I might be getting a haircut
  8. Hell yeah! When will the griefing (sp?) take place?
  9. Banned because I just started posting in this thread again
  10. I chew the gum and blow a huge bubble which lifts me up into the atmosphere. A bird hits the huge bubble and it pops. I fall to my death I drop a slot machine.