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  1. Actually, me too. My health teacher told us to bring in something completely random next class. I'm interested to see what we are going to do...
  2. Thanks! no need for a bigger one. It's just about perfect size!
  3. Thanks, but I already tried that. Couldn't find anything.
  4. I need a good picture of the mount from forest entrance for some sort of weird project. Thanks for the help! -Spartan78541
  5. OSHI-! I'm back! Some of you guys still remember me, hopefully. I used to be a regular here, creating things in gimp. I don't think I made many creations after I got a tablet though...but today I felt like picking up mah tablet and launch up Adobe Elements. I remember making a think called the death knight a while ago, so a newer version is what I decided to draw!
  6. Flood? Forums? I'll bring a balisong
  7. 360 idk about the time though, I might be getting a haircut
  8. Hell yeah! When will the griefing (sp?) take place?
  9. Banned because I just started posting in this thread again
  10. I chew the gum and blow a huge bubble which lifts me up into the atmosphere. A bird hits the huge bubble and it pops. I fall to my death I drop a slot machine.
  11. He claims that it was his drawing and everyone stole it, yet he himself stole it from someone else
  12. Put me on dat list foo! My gt is Spartan78541 (like my username here)
  13. The dragon is red, the ice king is blue (and white too, but that would mess up the poem =3) Behemoth loves me! ...And I love them too!
  14. invisible text is better Lost
  15. Bigger Spam The Westing Game