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  1. I've been stalking their Twitter pretty much constantly since they revealed this. Not that $2 is expensive. But with so much other game content and avatar items, I need to save as much as possible.
  2. I would like to request aa code for one of my best friends. His name is Robert, and he is actually a manager at GameStop. He is always giving me promo items that they get in (t-shirts, posters, those nice over-sized display boxes, ect). I thought it would be nice to get this game for him. I'll be able to help him crash some castles when I do another run through with the new Necromancer pack.
  3. Of course it does. It's my favorite downloadable game ever, personally. Although Splosion Man is close to it now. Not quite there though.
  4. I wonder if it will release around the time of the PS3 release of the game? That seems like the most logical thing at this point, however illogical it may actually seem!
  5. Whoa! Awesome shirt. I'm sure I'll end up getting it even if I don't win. I have two other Castle Crasher tees already.
  6. Ah. I have the King pack too, but the Behemoth does love me. BTW, thanks for those Castle Crashers pins you guys gave me at Comic Con. Oh, and the sucker!
  7. Irrelevant really, because still, a cannonball isn't bomb.
  8. Translation for you "Non 1337 Speakers" I have every weapon and all the pets, I can help you get whatever you want or need, and also, if you want to do Insane mode, I'm up for that aswell. GT:JJoneshot1kill Better? There was no 1337 speak to even translate...
  9. Beaten it enough to unlock all of the characters. And I've gone through multiple times with many of them.
  10. I've still got quite a ways to go for even the 50 posts. Those sig pics are pretty cool though. I'm going to use them when I get there.
  11. I've been buying and eating lots of sammiches. About the only thing to do with all of this gold.
  12. Yeah, my Red Knight seems kind of washed out too. It is still noticeably different than the Orange Knight, but still nowhere near as red as it should be. Also, I got my Blue (Ice) Knight t-shirt yesterday, and was happily surprised to see that, unlike the image for the shirt on the online store, the color of the shirt itself is actually gray and not black.
  13. I've let the King die more than 10 times, while using Monkeyface, and he never dropped it. So if that is indeed how you get the weapon normally, it must be insanely rare.