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  1. Emil's time is appreciated. Good to know you guys are still out there!
  2. What, is everybody only looking at the poll?
  3. Drawing ourselves or our Avatars in Halloween costumes. Fun! I'll start with my cardboard armor.
  4. Well, the game wasn't to kill the other person, per-se..
  5. Sure. Just pick one of the Avatars, or the poster before you. It also doesn't need to be super detailed, or "over 9000 hours in MS Paint". Doodle something smooth and easy, so we can keep the game going.
  6. I'm going to start this up again. Regrettably I have no means of which to draw and participate anymore at the moment, but you guys are free to do as you wish. Also, replaced my old arm-lacking avatar with this one:
  7. Simple enough, good work for MS Paint. Keep it up!
  8. You're really improving, keep it up!
  9. Good work, you've improved alot lately. Hopefully we'll see some more.
  10. What program did you use?
  11. I had them on a different forum a few years ago. I foget what it was.. They're a bit trivial for me now, though.
  12. Banned for having holes in your eggs.
  13. ChrisP

    Comic Concept

    Yeah, my friend compressed his puppy linux into a 4G flash drive, 's pretty sweet. Can't run flashplayer though. Anyway it's good to see what people can come up with, even if they aren't the best artist in the world. Gives them time to practice, or if they want to write dialogue for a more talented brushworker, so be it.