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  1. I already have an Orange Knight figurine, so I was torn between Red Knight and Pink Knight. I.... I went with Pink Knight
  2. When I went to SDCC, I got to meet the Game Grumps and I had them sign a little doodle I made in my sketchbook. When I gave it to Arin, he looked at it and chuckled. And... just... Arin's kind of a big inspiration to me, so making someone I look up to happy really means a lot. ..........#humblebrag.
  3. These are awesome! It's really cool that you're drawing these around your college campus!
  4. Super Smash Civilization V ....Boy what would I give to beat up Gandhi as Charizard.
  5. Oh, whoops, I just realized I wrote PST, instead of PDT. But yeah, stream's still happening at 5:30pm PDT. Daylight savings is confusing for me...
  6. I think I started using Photoshop back in... 2011 or 2012. I used to use Corel when I first started doing tablet stuff, though. And... I'm pretty sure I'm streaming tomorrow at about 3:30pm HST/5:30pm PST! It's not Behemoth stuff, but if you wanna stop by and hang out feel free to! http://www.livestream.com/pickles4nickles
  7. So, um, this week is REALLY kicking my butt... but... last weekend I got to draw up some more Halloween stuff. Costume caaaaaats. After watching Game Grumps play Mario 3D World, I feel like the Green Stars have the same purpose as the Golden Hat: to ruin friendships. Ye. As for streaming, I'm actually gonna try stream something either next Tuesday or the Tuesday after that since I have days off both weeks. It's probably not gonna be anything Behemoth related, though; probably something Shovel Knight (OOPS), but... yeah, as Tuesday approaches, I'll probably post a time and date here if you guys are interested. Um, also, you can call me Pickles. That's fine. Just... not... um... yeah. Just... use good judgement.
  8. Okay, I was gonna wait until I got home to say something (I'm on mobile now), but... I'm gonna just do this now before things get out of hand. CreeperSlayer, I'm assuming your joking, but I don't really appreciate being referred simply as "Ms. Art Person." It's... Kinda demeaning. I'm happy to fulfill your art requests, but I am NOT here simply to draw anything you want me to. I mean, I am an artist on the outside, but I'm also a human being with other interests, and, you know... Feelings.
  9. he has said before that he doesnt really know what alien hominid looks like, but he may still be able to do it. just a heads up. Um, I just... took some creative liberties and.. just... yeah. For the record, it's not that I don't know what alien hominid looks like, it's just that back then I didn't play the actual game yet, so I wasn't super comfortable drawing him.... also I am a girl.
  10. I don't play Dark Souls, though :C Still in the Halloween Spirit, so... Yay, another Halloween thing! ...Also still drawing profuse amounts of Shovel Knight fanart, oh no. There's a skeleton war brewin'
  11. The... day before my birthday?