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  1. Thanks. Yeah I only had one friend test it. how many levels were you able to do?
  2. Gamertag: XNinjaSmokeX Solo Adventure Playlist, "Man on the Moon" Recommended Mode: Normal It is a lot of puzzles. Hopefully I've made the signs clear. the maps are challenging, But I assure you, it is possible to receive A++ on all maps. Rate honestly and tell me how it is.
  3. I hope it comes back, I worked pretty hard. and Yeah then maybe someone reported it. I Know I didn't do anything illegal/draw dicks or something. Nor did it make it too hard. just challenging
  4. My Gamertag is XNinjaSmokeX, I've uploaded a playlist called "Man on the Moon" with the adventure template. it worked out fine, and once uploaded I was even able to test it and play it, it had about 33 plays, I wake up the next day to see that my Playlist is gone from Online, I went to search and It says I have none. Why is that?
  5. Fighting Enemies that are flying in the air like crazy? Try to look on the floor for some shadows its really REALLY HARD to master but once you get the hang of it its perfect. Just run to the shadow and try some Air attack combo then when their knocked on the floor stomp and run ------ Another is the Sandwich.. once you turn macho try and get your enemies in the wicked awesome air combo its impossible to get out once their in it
  6. add meh, or send meh a /f invite, brutha Awesome bro! im from new york too so the connection was great thanks for the New Weapons Happy Lvl 99 for your gray knight and your an epic Dualer
  7. Im missing King's Weapon Baseball bat Alien Gun Blood Stained Sword Could anyone be awesome and Help me out here XNinjaSmokeX is my GT i have a level 99 ninja so if yah want we can beat it on insane as well
  8. America New york GamerTag: XNinjaSmokeX Friend Status: Im nearly full YO! but i need more Lvl 99ers with me to beat insane mode, also yeah i have a lvl 99 ninja
  9. I have a level 99 ninja and i have the Two peasants so can i be in it
  10. Im gonna do Fan Knight next ( pink knight ) http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s186 ... heifin.png