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  1. Thanks. Yeah I only had one friend test it. how many levels were you able to do?
  2. Gamertag: XNinjaSmokeX Solo Adventure Playlist, "Man on the Moon" Recommended Mode: Normal It is a lot of puzzles. Hopefully I've made the signs clear. the maps are challenging, But I assure you, it is possible to receive A++ on all maps. Rate honestly and tell me how it is.
  3. I hope it comes back, I worked pretty hard. and Yeah then maybe someone reported it. I Know I didn't do anything illegal/draw dicks or something. Nor did it make it too hard. just challenging
  4. My Gamertag is XNinjaSmokeX, I've uploaded a playlist called "Man on the Moon" with the adventure template. it worked out fine, and once uploaded I was even able to test it and play it, it had about 33 plays, I wake up the next day to see that my Playlist is gone from Online, I went to search and It says I have none. Why is that?