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    just.........plain.................creepy................if you ask me
  2. we shood brake in adn hide where the behemoth group works and once all of them come in and start working we jump out with cakes and yell SUPRISE! and then once the partys almost over the bomb will go off and we can party forever and ever....................
  3. cool! dragons P.S. for some odd reason dragons make penguins happy, this truly is one of the wonders of nature
  4. me too i have alot of money the only real thing you can do with it is use it on potions, bombs and sandwitches and i also hope for a better tomorrow one where we can spend all of our cash and be broke once agian
  5. anybody who is working for behemoth take out a soda shake it up pop it open and...........CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON! but aim it away from the computers we dont want a server crash now do we?
  6. ill help just send me a message and ill help you
  7. who needs a sequel when you've got DLC?
  8. said nothing but the truth my firend
  9. penguin748


    i used to not evey be able to get off this game but untill i got pretty much everything [charctors and swords] and i cant wait untill the DLC comes out and i hope that is just as amazing as this game so far
  10. 1 nicromancer boss fight 2 ninja ship 3 and who cant hate the classics of the pesants in the first level? [home castle]
  11. if anybody else needs the blood stained sword just message me and ask me to help you might take me awhile but ill eventully help you and if im on castle crashers ill probbly be helping sombody so send me a message and ill help you to
  12. i havent had this happen before but it can probbly happen because something like this had happened to me on tall grass frild i couldent go anywhere but exit to map ant it stunk because i was about to beat it for the first time on insane mode