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  1. I'm afraid I do not know what you mean.Edit: Never mind there's a new head available! Get on that peeps.
  2. The one that starts out with Stamper saying "RUN!!!"? I love that one as well. It fits the mood quite well.
  3. I forgot to mention my favorite star head in my other posts. However, I don't even have it unlocked yet. I can't pick a favorite knowing there's 60 other star heads out there.
  4. And is yes rapid ducking? I'm not too fond of any of them yet. I mean they already have alien and knight prisoners in the regular sets. And I don't really want to be a chicken (or most of the other anthros personally). Since it's being underappreciated I'll vote for the star head. Considering I have all the heads, I usually give them what they desire if he or she doesn't choose a star head. I only ask for a small amount of gems to go toward my restocked head. 30 gems a piece gets expensive.
  5. I find it hilarious when people want my star heads. As soon as they hold up their little sign in the trade shack, I quickly exit and move back and forth rapidly (meaning no).
  6. That's actually a good thing. It's pretty much 100% consistent, which means when we fix it it'll fix it for absolutely everyone. Scary bugs are the ones only some people get.
  7. I'd love to see Game 4 have something like this. I really enjoy continuity in different games from the same developer (e.g. Valve). The Behemoth Universe would be no exception.
  8. Pretty nice idea, I'd gladly pay a dlc wich add that possibility I hope this isn't the case. I happily give out my yarn to random people who need it the most because I have all the heads now.
  9. Congrats dude! Same here! Now if we can only figure out how to get the rest of the star heads...
  10. Charles has always been my favorite old school player! He was AMAZING! I know right? Him and Dan Majerle are my favorites. I'm kinda biased
  11. Monday Night Combat should be a main arcade game. Due to it being an older game that is mostly an online experience, you probably won't find many people in matchmaking. I would recommend LIMBO. It's a shorter game and it has graphic deaths if you "mess up". However, it's a beautiful game visually and the gameplay is very smooth with a few puzzles here and there that will get you thinking. Spelunky is hard, but a lot of fun if you have the patience to get to the "end". (Once you do, there's more to discover) Runner 2 just came out today. It's a challenging side scrolling rhythm game. I've enjoyed it so far, but this one is hard, especially if you want to perfect all levels. Hope this small list of suggestions help.
  12. There used to be an old Tmobile commercial featuring Charles Barkley and Dwyane Wade. The two showcased the Fav 5 for Tmobile's phone service. I never had a Fav 5, but I thought it would be funny to let people know that he or she wasn't in it. The name YouAreOutOfMy5 was born, and it's been my username for about six years. I'm also a huge Suns fan, and Charles Barkley was a legendary suns player. I natually saw the name fitting.
  13. I wouldn't care even if this game was still called Game 3, I'd still be excited for it!