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  1. I reached rank 1 Masters back in Black Ops 2 with my team. Of course, now I'm a scrub because I don't play that much anymore.
  2. Serious cosplay discussion, but also a promotion for my wife-to-be. Who here enjoys cosplaying or attending cosplay conventions? My Fiancée loves cosplaying more than any other hobby, and I think she's pretty awesome at it. Here are some of her costumes she's made and modeled. And her facebook page, which you should follow, because I said so. Here's a picture of us from Nan Desu Kan this year, she's Fawn from Tinkerbell and I'm Sora from No Game No Life.
  3. Whats next, Dan? Nice to meet you Fidler! Pleasure to meet you!
  4. Bought a bunch of packs, only 1 Legend and 4 Epics. So salty...
  5. Just realized this post was my first one in this thread, pahaha. Sorry double post, please don't ban me.
  6. This thread is a shrine. A book of history and extensive lore. I am happy to be able to revisit this shrine.
  7. Ah! Thanks for the video link! This is exactly what I was hoping it would be! I'm stoked
  8. Think I'm going to have to sit this one out. Can't say I know who deserves what. Good luck to all the participants!
  9. The forum isn't totally dead. The forum is certainly still alive . I was referring to this thread in particular, and I'm honestly not surprised it's still around. I just remember when it was first made. It's a little nostalgia mixed with fascination.
  10. You make it sound as if only people in their 40's play this game. They're the majority of the audience. Largely due to the cost of such a hobby. And the Necrons are pretty cool, I keep hearing they're over powered though XD.
  11. Back on The Behemoth forums!

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    2. BehemothChicken


      Welcome back. We missed you.

    3. Cat Guard

      Cat Guard

      Indeed we did, one of the first mods!

    4. BehemothChicken


      Rest in peace sweet prince.

  12. I ask this with full knowledge that the age group on this forum will result in little to no answer, but does anyone on here play table top Warhammer 40k? I just bought myself the Dark Vengeance Limited Edition set and have started assembling my Dark Angels army. What armies do you all play?
  13. To think that this thread is still kicking, holy cow. Random thought: I've been a member on this forum for almost a quarter of my life (5 of 23 years).