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  1. I think he just wants to give them out for free to be nice - as he's already unlocked everything :3
  2. Or if you simply create another account, do a quick achievement unlock and then trade them with your original account. ^^^
  3. I'm feeling kind of bad for accepting a guy's trade of my 5 yarn for his Alien head. totally worth it
  4. I am pretty sure the head will still be there. No reason for it to disappear once you already have it. Ok thanks. One more question, my friend really wants the alien head but doesnt want to buy the game. Would i get the head again if I trade it, delete alien hominid, and then redownload the game? Im only on 1-2 of alien so I dont mind if I have to delete it, i just wanna know If i will get it back after redownloading. Thanks jdog, you'd probably just be better off trading the head to your friend, and then creating another XBLA account to play AH, then unlock the Alien head in BBT. Then, from this new account, trade the Alien head back to yourself.
  5. GT: TwirledOriole I live in the upside-down-get-killed-by-nature-if-you-step-outside-land of Australia - so I tend to be up at many hours of a typical USA timezone.
  6. I prefer the rectangle little lion man. I call him Mumford.
  7. I suppose I just interpreted the whole game a tad differently. I figured that as the narrator said, the hat contains the conscious mentalities of every owner of the theater to date. Once the cats forced the hat upon Hatty, I thought his 'soul' or whatever you wish to call it got sucked up into it as well. Because now the hat is technically in control of his body, he was battling against the souls of everyone else to get back his own functions. Unfortunately, this was made into a stalemate, and hence why Hatty did nothing the whole time of his imprisonment. The narrator does mention that the cats are only happy if they keep trying this technique over and over again, as if they are trying to revive their beloved Furrbottom. However, each time they take a new prisoner and force the hat on him, the hat glows red, and the prisoner's soul is sucked out. That's my theory anyway... and I kind of considered the hat turning green and blasting out a beam of light the release of all these souls. Also, I thought the boat hit a wave, and the adventurers just kind of lost a grip and Hatty flew out.
  8. I'm awestruck at the talent you posses! I really need to try to get my grubby talons on some Adobe gear! Whenever you have some free time and feel like letting loose that canister of infinite creativity you seem to harness, would you feel up to the challenge of drawing an avatar for myself? It's pretty much just a slightly dazed oriole - which is a bird for all of you who aren't from North America. xoxox and snuggles.
  9. Thanks for the help everyone I'm working on changing all the settings I made back when I first set my LIVE account up. I'll get back to you as soon as I can get back to my Xbox!
  10. Dan, would you possibly consider being my wonderwuzzle? I mean, it could be a part time thing if that's what you're comfortable with. Maybe only on the weekends. It's really not creepy at all.
  11. Hey man, I know you seem to be a pro at where everything should be put - but I think it's best to leave that sort of thing to the Admins/Mods of the forum. They're the ones who can actually move stuff around to where it should be.
  13. Okay DP, I've played around with the settings... and I'm still not having much luck. Maybe I've just screwed up my privacy settings somewhat. However, I've got a friend who has no restrictions, but still has the same error. Maybe it's us Australian gamers. I'll keep playing around until I work it out. Thanks for the heads up! And LightningZombie, I appreciate the tip. I'm pretty new here, so I'll do my best to drop things where they belong.
  14. Whenever I've tried to access the community playlists, or Furbottom's featrues, I have been met with an error message along the lines of 'Signed in players aren't allowed to download user-created content'. I've different settings and logins, but nothing seems to have worked. I feel like a derp. What am I doing wrong?