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  1. I suppose I'll have to pick it up, even though I barely play the game since my save file got wiped pre-patch.
  2. I bought it around 04:00 am EST the day it came out. Havn't played it much since my save file got deleted though.
  3. I bet all the DLC was done and shipped with the original game and we are just waiting for unlock codes. MS is probably waiting for CC sales to slow down so the DLC can be a marketing push too.
  4. I at first thought a Pink Knight should have rainbow magic or flower magic. But then it hit me, the Pink Knight should have "Kitty Magic" and fire a stream of cute bouncing kittens at enemies.
  5. Put 5 or 6 in attack and defence first, and then the rest in magic.
  6. The boomerang glitch made leaderboards pretty pointless anyways.
  7. 88 is indeed for standard web browsing. But I guess the xbox doesn't have a browser. No, 80 is the standard for web browsing. 88 is the standard for kereberos. I really think the 80 is a typo and it should be port 88.
  8. Something that isn't already in the game just waiting to be unlocked by a DLC "key"
  9. I use the bear club alot. If you only have 1 agility, -5 agility still makes it 1. So you get 10 stat points and criticals.
  10. The DLC was already in the game. The download was 108k which is the size of a "key" to unock the content.
  11. After you beat the giant troll and enter the barn you have the group of deer. After buying the kings pack, I see squirrel and bluejay with the deer, and I swear they weren't there before I bought the dlc.