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  1. I'm in! I Bryan, promise to do stuff for people, who needs doin' stuff.
  2. I really didn't see anything bad in the clips I've seen so far so who knows...
  3. Talented faction, The Behemoth; creating fun masterpieces. Im gonna go make more of these
  4. If there are any avatar awards, please, PLEASE, make them good. Nobody likes an avatar award nobody will use.
  5. WARNING SPOILERS! Okay, so I was supposed to get this game today, totally hyped up about it, but then my dad said he wasn't getting it today. So I am currently bummed. But that's what im not here to talk about. I was looking for some cool videos when I came across a video labeled Modern Warfare 2's controversial airport terrorist attackā€Ž. Naturally I was like, "I need to look at this." Well this has totally changed my mind about this game. I still want to get it, don't get me wrong, it's just that ill probably skip the level. I bet you can already tell from the title of this video that it isn't a good video. I don't want to post the video up here so, I think I should just post the link. Scroll down a bit to get to the video. MODS! If this is like, "too much" please take the link off. SPOILER ALERT!!! FINAL WARNING!!! IT MIGHT OFFEND YOU!!! Here it is, remember it's pretty brutal... http://www.destructoid.com/modern-warfa ... featurebox
  6. Banned for spelling "banned" wrong.
  7. Well no offense but with the average behemoth staff member being.... like what 31? And the fact that it takes lets see averaging 2- 2 1/2 years per game for a decent library would take about 3-4 more games.... which evidential is about 10 years.. By then Nintendo will go through approximately 2 more consul changes. So if the behemoth wants to have a point to there wii-ware license they would need a game to come out in about 1-1.5 years... Which means either taking a risk or basically not putting any games on wii. Not hating these are all likley. Also in 10 years when they would have a decent sized library who knows what will the behemoth have come? Maybe they won't be small anymore. Maybe they will be like a larger scale company. (not like nintendo but like 20-30 people) I don't care what you people say there probably will be an AH sequal I heard a possible rumor on it durring an interview where it was stated "until the sequal of Alien Hominid) and then other sequals the sequals will want to keep similar buttons and release most likely on the same platform. You are thinking to hard my good sir.
  8. wu...wut? LOL, same what just happened? I don't even...
  9. Have my mouth sewed shut. Cut the stitches later. Would you rather be a virgin for the rest of your life, or die at this very moment the worst way possible?