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  1. Not true. I still browse, but I hardly ever find reason to post. I just updated the Necromancer FAQ though, and I saw this. Talk about a blast from the past.
  2. He obviously just got the game.
  3. Bumping Due to people still making new threads about the Necromancer Pack. Maybe we can keep this on the front page, or sticky it maybe? Unless you guys want more DLC threads.
  4. I know, but I was just bored and I wanted to get that guys attention.
  5. Stop bumping all these old topics. The whole front page is full of your name ....... That is all. feel free to lock.
  6. EDIT: Blah Blah Necromancer DLC Blah Blah
  7. EDIT: Blah Blah TB Blah Blah Microsoft
  8. EDIT: Discuss Necromancer DLC
  9. [*:x15fs645]The Necromantic Pack Is The Second DLC for Castle Crashers. [*:x15fs645]The Necromantic pack was released August 26th, 2009. [*:x15fs645]The Necromantic Pack contains 2 new characters(Necromancer, Cult Minion), 2 New weapons(NG Skull Mace, Chainsaw), and 1 new animal orb(Dragonhead). [*:x15fs645]The Necromancer's Magic Is the same magic he uses in his story mode boss fight. [*:x15fs645]The Cult Minion's Magic Is the same as the Skeleton's [*:x15fs645]The Chainsaw's Stats are +4 Defense, Criticals. [*:x15fs645]The Skull Mace's stats are Criticals with a possible 3% ratio.(someone want to test this?) [*:x15fs645]The Dragonhead orb Shoots fire balls, and may do so more frequently than pelter. Link to download the Pack. Click Spoiler to view Images
  10. Dalfam and Alphie are buds, shorty just plays with any friend, not just stickie. I've never even heard of crazyfrog though. The biggest case of teaming I've seen is Cronicossy and all of his friends. That guy never goes into arena by himself he always has two friends of lesser skill with him, so they can all triple team you, and he gets the win out of it.
  11. Imperfect Luck never teams with anyone. The only reason he would double team you is to get you out of the way so he and the other "more skilled" guy can have a 1v1.
  12. You might want to sort things out a little better. The guide looks a little jumbled as is. If you want people to take it seriously it wouldn't kill you to use some proper grammar. Just a little friendly criticism. Other than that the guide is pretty decent.
  13. Why not just kick them? I don't see why people keep asking TB to change things or put new features into the game, when It's probably never going to happen. TB Is focusing on Game 3 now and are most likely done with anything Castle Crashers related. Start Looking ahead and making proposals for Game #3 while there is still time.
  14. It doesn't work on the better players cause they are smart enough to move out of the sand attacks path, and not just sit there and block. Most good players are constantly moving around and it becomes much harder to hit them with it.
  15. Are you just now starting to play arena? Saracen has been a top arena character for a long time. Mostly because of that particular move, which won't work on the better players by the way.