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  1. I've been experiencing the same problems as every other person trying to connect to multiplayer Castle Crashers. I have been trying to do multiplayer for the last few weeks and it has been nothing but frustration for me. Behemoth_Chicken described what has been happening perfectly in this post: http://forums.thebehemoth.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=658. This has been going on for a while and the Dev Blogs don't mention much of this problem. This game is only fun in multiplayer, so I think fixing that should be their top priority. All of us paid around $15 US for this game with the understanding that we would be getting a multiplayer game with up to 4 people connecting at once. I think that we can all agree that this has been close to impossible to do. When you are actually lucky enough to connect to a multiplayer game, only two players can remain most of the time. The others will almost always get disconnected. So where is the 4-player multiplayer capability that they marketed the game with? They have probably made lots of money from this game and still have not got it running like it was advertised when they sold it to us. I see this as nothing more than a scam if they don't fix this problem in a few weeks. For this reason, I have considered filing a complaint about this company through the Better Business Bureau, and I recommend that you all do the same if they do not quickly fix this problem. Here's the link to the BBB: https://odr.bbb.org/odrweb/public/GetStarted.aspx Or give it negative reviews with ign.com or gamespot.com This might be the only way to show this company that their false advertising and sub-par development isn't acceptable when we have to pay for it. Do they really think we have the money to be paying for this kind of BS?