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  1. if its not going to be an exclusive, prepare to wait another year(get a life, not a ps3)
  2. I would've joined and whup arses but my idiot brother deleted my red knight and my gold membership is over
  3. We need a mod ASAP to lockzor this wack
  4. It's a waste for the game 3 to be on PS3, the gaystation. The repetitive controls wouldnt fit at all. the game would most likely be on XBLA or possibly wii.
  5. Most likely dan's style unless TOM becomes the artist
  6. It might be cool if they mixed them together(old and new)
  7. O RLY? I gotta try it out
  8. level 1 people can still infinitely combo you and those level 99s who use their starter weps are just joking about. the level doesnt determine how pro your opponent is but how they kill you
  9. you gotta press the X button as its not wrapped up so you wont automatically grab it