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  1. whenever possible, could you make a barbarian? wayyyyy back in the list i know
  2. ooo thats sweet! nice idea btw never woulda thought of it... but then why would i?
  3. Wow I'm apparently really slow in responding to messages! Thanks (once again) Kelly for the answer
  4. tinkochu


    I'm surprised no one replied to this topic... people in this forum are usually so nice and everything... Welcome to the Behemoth forums then! Also my schedules are tight so Saturday nights and Sundays are mostly the only time I am on Xbox live. My gamertag is eat a chicken. Yes yes I know it's stupid but I mean what can i say? Oh and just saying (not that you are) if you are one of those people who say f*ck (censored for no cursing is allowed on this forum) for no apparent reason just to say it and be cool, dont bother otherwise i'll be more than happy to help you out
  5. Wait. It has to be by Jouste? Okay... *Theme: Uhh... Castle Crashers? *Render: http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg21 ... key_sm.jpg *Color: Green *Style: I don't know... Just put some ivy in it or something. Special effects: Ivy and leaves Comments: Please make it good? No he means you need to find a picture of the guy/thing you want in your picture. It doesn't have to be Jouste stuff
  6. There isnt an alien hominid version but the figures are fully "rotatable" Heads and the waist spin a full 360 and arms go up or down. also the hands turn to
  7. Oooo hoodies. I like the design too( the feathers mostly) and i do need a new zipper hoodie but... i have to save my money to get presents for my close family/relatives (7) which is a lot considering each present is about 20-50$ so i have to save up anywhere from 140-350$ for my family.... and then theres friends... Also I am truly only 13 years of age (gasps) so i don't have many methods of earning money.. I'll have to pass on this hoodie but thanks Also, why were the T-shirts announced so late? They had been out for a while i think before Emil posted that Dev. Blog
  8. so no plans to make new figurines
  9. and guess whos barbarian THAT one is? or used to be? MINE haarhar enjoying it uberchew?
  10. i like the gray knights since they do all the work (except in insane mode) and after you complete the game you dont really need gold
  11. It's Red Ribbon Week! Don't ever let her fall to drugs! I've lost too many loved ones to name
  12. and thanks to your wife =] she must be awesome!
  13. I love it! If they ever went on sale... I would keep me updated so if you are going to start selling...
  14. i already have the pictures for my third its just the GIF making program is not responding