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  1. Shot in the dark here but maybe he meant all star heads so far.
  2. Insane solo seems a breeze compared to Insane co-op. Just hope your partner also has a golden trophy or you have no chance lol.
  3. finished only the circle heads first, rest are unfinished, all star heads so far. those heads get expensive, currently they cost me 25 per head. for those looking for a quick way to get heads use another account/controller, and give it all your gems so they can unlock prisoners for 10 gems instead of 25. i enjoy the game too much to bother doing it though.
  4. I like how you post your own opinion regarding Minecraft and then for some reason think you have the power to tell everyone not to reply in kind. Kind of hypocritical right? Your topic but definitely NOT your rules. Sorry but i found your entire tone sort of rude telling people what to do when you do that exact thing yourself, you needed only mention a Minecraft styled head, why even bring your opinion into it? Only reason im posting is because you made such a big deal when someone posted that they liked Minecraft.
  5. hey, ive got the alien but not far enough for the pitch fork, if you can help me get pitchfork you can have the alien gun, i need the scepter. gt = k0rruptid with a zero. invite me now.
  6. i dont own a DS but it sure would be good playing CC on the go.
  7. Then....why reply? Also, you need to complete the game solo, to unlock a characters. You can play through the entire game co-op, then beat the final boss in single player.
  8. Im not on about them giving me or any of us a job, but considering there only a 6 man team, all of this work would take a long time. If there are new levels added, they could post a topic/contest for someone to create a music piece to go along with the level...or they could do a character modeling contest, where you create a character, and draw all the poses, beefy mode ect. They could even get some talented members of the community to create/draw new levels, then they would take that image, script it, make it playable or whatever. CC is hand drawn, so there is little if none 3d, which is very hard compared to 2d drawings, and takes alot longer. But with such a simple game, simple graphics ect, its easily got potential for user-created content. Users could make new levels, characters, weapons, pets ect. Then behemoth would review them, test ect, then compile a bunch of them into free dlc on live, so everyone can download them, maybe even an auto-update for cc that adds the new content. But yes, castle crashers has the potential to last a very long time. To be honest, not as it is. After insane mode and level 99, there nothing more to do really. They need new modes, gametypes, mini-games, levels ect. Behemoth, you shouldnt even think about a next game, just continue with castle crashers. After playing the demo, i bought it right away, i couldnt help it..i loved it. Please, make castle crashers into the game it should be. (Saying that, its already number one on the live arcade titles, according to major nelsons blog.....so in theory, if they added any more content/features......possibly the best live arcade game ......EVER.)
  9. yeah id rather unlock them, so if youve already completed it enough times they would already be there
  10. If it was done without a campture card...im guessing bad quality. For now.??
  11. Thanks. Used it so many times already.
  12. No. There are no cheats PERIOD. There are some exploits, and glitchs. But there is no button combination to unlock everything. If there was itd be a waste of money buying the damn game. If you want to use glitchs, go ahead. Be warned though, it will probably mess up your game/corrupt your save data.
  13. id say yes, because all that person/booster did was sit still for hours on end gaining exp. Probably killing the exact same boss each time. They didnt play through normal, then continue to insane then repeat insane and so on to get a 99, like it should be.