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  1. Ryutei

    Need some LV. 1 Buddies

    Gonna start beating the game with some new people. I'll be Necromancer. PS3 Version. If you wish, I'll use my mic.
  2. Ryutei

    I rise from the dead!

    Wow, what did you change it from?
  3. Ryutei

    I rise from the dead!

    Do you remember me? I vaguely remember seeing your name somewhere. Somewhat, did you change your name?
  4. Ryutei

    I rise from the dead!

    I remember you too, and loads of other people actually... This profile needs a serious update.
  5. Ryutei

    I rise from the dead!

    Indeedy. I'm back. Hello people who don't remember me.
  6. Ryutei

    Ask a Rabbit.

    Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!
  7. Ryutei

    Games You Hate

    I have alot of games I hate, but there's one at the tip of my head that's been bugging me, and I can't tell everyone about it. Action 52 for the NES.
  8. Ryutei

    Best quotes ever

    Ahh... Awesomeness.
  9. Ryutei

    Super Insane Mode?!

    Another mystery appears!
  10. Really? As soon as I read "Roy-" I assumed you was a male. Anyways, I'm a male.
  11. You have none and it makes me feel better.
  12. Ryutei

    Let's See What's Behind Door Number 2!

    MY EX-GIRLFRIEND! What's behind door number 2?
  13. Ryutei

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but you get so many, your computer gets the BSOD. I wish my PS3 didn't YLOD, and never would.
  14. Ryutei

    Need an avatar?

    Wow... I love how many other people are interacting. Awesome. Maybe I'll join in?
  15. Ryutei

    Awesome idea!

    Will the Knights be there? Will the DLC of CC be there? I hope so!