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  1. Raiden, something happened to me last night when I was driving home. I had a couple of miles to go, then I saw a glowing orange object in the sky-- to the east. It was moving very irregularly... Suddenly, there was intense light all around me, and when I came to, I was home. What do you think happened to me?

    Ahh... Awesomeness.

  2. Beat the game in Legendary, and you can play as DARE in Firefight. ;)

    Got my copy this morning. I enjoy it.

    Firefight is definitely fun, and will allow me to not blow through the campaign too fast, since the campaign is apparently only 4-6 hours of gameplay.

    This one is basically saying "I'm a PS3 fanboy and think Halo sucks".

    This one says "I'm going to complain about my 360's incapability to run the game, say the game has fun modes that should have been DLC that would have been too big for most HDD's because I don't understand space in terms of data, and tell people that their comments on my last video made me laugh because it devolved into racism."

    So, those videos make me laugh at his 360 or ODST disc crapping out, when my 360 has yet to fail, and ODST is running smoothly on it. Worth $60? Depends on perspective, but I find it that for me, it was worth it. Firefight with 4 people is super fun, and is more than enough for replay value, better than GoW2's Horde Mode IMO.

    Thanks for the response. I'm planning to get it cause Firefight looks super fun and It would be awesome loading a Multiplayer disk without Restarting if my maps don't load, or try 50 times because of a Disk Error. (I had my Halo 3 Disk into the Circle Scratch.) But, anyway, I'll get it when I have the money.

  3. Me too, but dude, you gotta understand...

    Maybe The Behemoth doesn't want people to try to sell codes, like someone did to the Full Game Givaway. I was lucky enough to get one, but after looking back at how many people want a private message, it wouldn't be fair.

    If you got a PM with one, then to balance things, everyone has to get one.

    Everything comes with a price.

  4. Hmmmm I am thinking you sir deserve to be locked.

    Wait, what? I don't think this is a dupe.

    Hmmmm I am thinking you sir deserve to be locked.

    Why? Its a legitimate question, not spam.

    Anyway, I hope they combine Kings pack and Necromance pack for 1 price because: My PS3 friends will be happy and Behemoth will still make moneh.

    Thank you, I hope for this as well..