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  1. -;Waits Patiently for a Cyclops Fanclub.-
  2. Granted, but Jesus takes the ability away. I wish for someone to make a wish for me.
  3. Do what you want 'cause a pirate a free! YOU ARE A PIRATE!
  4. Golden Whale goodness. I gotta say that's the best Character/Item Dan has Drawn. Aside from Tricky, Of course.
  5. I'd say GIVE it to a friend.
  6. Why don't you reset your character data?? I fixed THAT problem, I'm talking about the Leaderboards...
  7. Alrighty, I just got the Necro DLC, and I have to say.... Necromantic DLC is better. I love the weapons more... and I love the characters and the pet... Go get it. Or try to get a free code.
  8. Hey, I just got the NecroDLC, and I want to start a fresh, new run with Level ones, I'll be picking the Necromancer. Anyone wanna play? GT: Ryutei
  9. I just got mines, just have faith in yourself, don't give up! Just check back a few 2 minutes or so...
  10. Yeah, I wish there was some kinda cure, I don't wanna be banned...
  11. read the initial post by dan the jiggerman Okay, I cloned all my stuff, is there anyway to reset your leaderboard stats?
  12. Awesome! Now I know what this is! Thanks for the explaination!
  14. Stay Puft the Marshmallow man. But, I would love to see a Chocolate Monster...
  15. I hope it isn't like Bomberman Live, where you gotta wait a Minute for a Ball to appear that can be collected by ANYONE, and it only gives you one random peice of clothing. I really hope it will be like AH.
  16. I haven't played for a while... I'll try to get back to you tommorow, I'm not that good anymore, but, yeah, I'll play.
  17. I hope I don't get banned... I didn't even mean to do it!
  18. It's pretty much how the community is all around anyways, I joined this guy's game on Bomberman Live and he's so worked up about a game and considers everyone to be scared, and expects them to leave.
  19. The NG Gold Sword... I love it's redefined beauty and excellence.
  20. I WOULD buy the Boss pack if the Necromancer was on it, and the Dragonhead, or Pelter, or Frogglet would be there, other than that, no.
  21. Banned for posting ahead of me.