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  1. I really dislike brentalfloss for some reason... I like 'The Adventures of Duane and Brand0''s better.
  2. Has anyone ever been booted because you're NOT a level 256?' I joined a game, and the host asks if I'm a level 256. I reply with a 'No.' He waits about 5 seconds, then says 'BUH BYE!' and boots me from the game.
  3. I keep thinking that there will be a level editor in the game. Anyone else think that?
  4. Yeah, sure, I'll be on CC right about now. It's about 7:28 PM over here. (Eastern Standard time)
  5. I am also trying to get the AH Creator's Picture Pack, that one with the Green star is awesome.
  6. I sent you a Friend request. I'm pretty common with Juggling, but I can't say I'm very good with it, I've completed Insane with The King Solo, but I got infected with the 256 glitch and Had to clone all my previous account's characters to get them back, and they lost all their skulls. Though, It says I can go into insane mode.
  7. I would love to play with you, Fenix, I need help getting back my skulls...
  8. Probably packs, like the CC ones, Bundles at a low price!
  9. I hope so, like how you unlock the Alien in CC. What I would like to know that if we get bots if we're alone?
  10. And when you're in the desert, fighting Scorpions.
  11. What time do you think they're getting back from PAX? Like 2 days?
  12. I got 'em both, just my way of donating to the Behemoth, but I really like my AgnryFaic Picture...
  13. Oh, boy... But, anyway, I can't wait until I get another card (or a givaway) to get the Necromantic pack, I really wanna get that Minion...
  14. Yeah... sure.. I'll be the Red Knight, then..
  15. I would try, but I can't make sigs for my life.
  16. If I remember correctly, when you fill your last Blue Magic Bar then it will happen to you, and if you notice all the main nights have their elements show, so pretty much it's a Magic Melee move..
  17. 1. Depends on your or the host's internet. If their internet sucks, then you'll lag badly. 2. Cannot answer. 3. ? Boomerang glitch? 4. People get angry if you pick certain characters they use. 5. Leaderboards. 1. Agreed. 2. Agreed. 3. No, when a 256 goes in the Middle-Lower part of the screen, and the people go on the very Left or right, Does the Dash+Y attack, and do alot of 1 damage. 4. Don't forget people don't know what a 'PRIVATE SLOT' is. 5. People may leave cause they HATE 256's, I ALWAYS leave when I see a 256...
  18. This is what happened to me, but if you reset the game, you'll lose them. What do you mean by reset Quiting the game, and going back to it.
  19. This is what happened to me, but if you reset the game, you'll lose them.
  20. Alright, tell me when you want me to add you.