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  1. Lol, I saw it coming the moment you could pick an outfit for your avatar. The sad thing is that people are still buying this crap. If I could delete my avatar I would. Sadly, MS doesn't give me that option. I wonder why? Basically the only thing you can do now is make your avatar as horrible looking as possible. Also, I wish MS had a 24 hour return policy for avatar clothes. I agree, but I just made my avatar look like a Gentle man, I love that mustashio.
  2. Also, I can't really say anything about the Necro pack since I don't have it..
  3. Well, the Necromancer and the Minion (Necromantic) are VERY popular, and online, most people RUSH or even KICK people to become one of them, if you're planning on going online ALOT with them, get the King. They're REALLY forgotten..
  4. Whoa, your avatar reminds me of Anonymous...
  5. M$ is known for milking things, you honestly didn't see this coming?
  6. I love the Home Castle, It was so amazing.. When I first played it, I felt so pumped.
  7. I'll join I recently fixed my 256 problem, I have a Level 99 Green Knight, Weapon, Medusa Sword, and the Beholder Animal Orb. I'll send you a Friend Request. Edit : It says your friends list is full.
  8. Well, I think it's Gears 2 because Mad Fiddler mentions a Gears 2 map and achievements. Aww... I knew it was too good to be true... Oh, well, have fun guys!
  9. Ryutei

    Pink eye.

    Well, you can't REALLY be mad at Sony for getting a Exclusive character if they did, Microsoft took away some EXCLUSIVE stuff from them, don't you know? Lost and Damned for GTA?
  10. Gears 1, or 2? I only have the first one..
  11. How do they mess up the game when it's a tatic? You want people to just go around pressing X? Juggling is part of the strategy, you need to predict when they're gonna go for it.
  12. It's made by a user named Devised. Btw, is it possible for you to clone a Local Account? It has my previous stats..
  13. How do you clone another Local Profile? My other account has my previous stats...
  14. I think it looks funny, imagine if they put it in as an Extra in Game 3.
  15. Which is why I won't try to go online... and people will try to make me do the glitch for them... :/
  16. Well, my other account had my previous stats... If only I can find someone that will copy my account so I will copy it....
  17. Ryutei

    Stupid mistakes

    Getting 256 on accident...
  18. You should think about doing this, I would go anywhere just to see one.
  19. Ryutei

    DLC give away

    What's the point of region locking? Some people like to travel...
  20. Yeah, it's a bug, I don't think anyone who hacked this will STILL be on XBL.
  21. I had about 5 until I had the 256 glitch happen to me...
  22. I got nearly ALL of the Achievements, and all I need is the Minigame one, and the head chomp one.
  23. That's a good idea, but I really don't wanna get my gold skulls and not to mention level up most of my characters..
  24. Yup, The behemoth is awesome.
  25. Well, here I thought it would be.... Nevermind, I kinda thought it was him myself.