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  1. Aww, sucks, btw, I also got the Necromancer DLC from it, but since I didn't wanna steal from The Behemoth, I just restarted the game and it was gone.
  2. Aww... Is there any way to fix it without resetting the levels to 1? I don't wanna work for a LONG TIME again....
  3. I went online, and joined a room, and my sister and I was playing, so, she decided she didn't want to play anymore and left, but everyone was ready and game started anyway, and so... I found out that a guy had hacked the game, and had all characters level 256, so, I left, and decided to play alone. But to my surprise, I got all my characters level 256! How did I get this?
  4. Because Logs hide themselves as Ninjers.
  5. The Necromancer shoulda had the Chicken Sword and the the Cardinal.
  6. And mods are very active, such as Kelly, The Mad Fiddler, and Denivire, and even Dan replies to topic! Though you should PM one of them..
  7. I usually hate racing to the codes.... the pressure... Refreshing every minute....
  8. The Behemoth sure knows how to attract people..
  9. Where's their face book? I really want a code... I'm desperate..
  10. Seems like she dumped you so she doesn't want to talk about getting you a present. But anyways... I feel sorry for you man, my PS3 died... I kinda feel the same way.
  11. What I'd really like a Necromancer code of somesort, now, I can tell I won't be getting it, but hey, I'd like to give a present to one of my good friends, her birthday was yesterday and I couldn't get anything for her... She was kind enough to understand, and be okay about it, and she was happy I was there anyway, if I ever got a code, I would certainly give it to her.
  12. I really do hope they do another Code givaway, I don't have any points, my PS3 just died, and My XBL expired... and my Mic broke. But I'm happy for your success, guys, happy anniversary!
  13. Man, I hope the fixed the Camera in SMG2. The first one was SO ANNOYING.
  14. Pink, Black, Lime Green. Purple.Please. PLEASE be there.
  15. Ryutei

    Hats help?

    w00t. Just got it. It was the tiara, I had to beat 2-2 on hard... but, I don't get it... I've beaten the game.... on hard... from start to finish...alone.... I don't know, a glitch? Thanks, guys.
  16. I've beaten it! On all difficulties, It wasen't as hard as I thought it would be...
  17. Do you sell Chris's UberShake? or Teh RyuteiShake? xD
  18. Ryutei

    Hats help?

    Yes. I got ALL OF THE HATS except that VERY LAST ONE.