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  1. seph and giz

    my green knight

    awsome! anyone know how to do wepons with fimo/ moddeling clay
  2. seph and giz

    my green knight

    this modeling clay called fimo. u just make it put it in an oven and after a while it sets and hardens
  3. seph and giz

    Find people to play CC with here!

    i'm on right now and the time here in britain is 12:00 right now, and i just wanna do this on insane with my red knight GT seph and giz
  4. seph and giz

    my green knight

    c'mon, somebody say somthing about it.
  5. seph and giz

    my green knight

    i know i really suck. but now it's fixed
  6. seph and giz

    my green knight

    hey so i thought i would add this after help from kelly! helpful comments are appriciated (like how to make non floppy wepons) and i'm not taking requests right now
  7. seph and giz

    The Behemoth Brawl

    ok one stage u have to have is the ghetto kids from the end of dad n me. whilst fighting the boss would fight like he normally would and u could fight him. plus u could have the whole stage as a moving 1 so after that u could go to the street with the cars and the playground with wilbur the bully
  8. seph and giz

    Dear Behemoth,

    and when youre playing on the flowery field level and come to the end its quite hard to keep track of your grey knight in that sea of grey. plus grey knight is some peoples favourite characters and this way two people get to play as 1 online
  9. seph and giz

    Favorite Magic?

    definatly buzz saws. they cut through bosses and things like the blob. plus they take up such a big space that enimies get hit 99% of the time. its great for crowd control
  10. i just want to know what the chances are of the king dropping it. ive got him killed 3 times and he got beheded and didn't drop it. then when we got to the catapult his beheaded body walked up to us with said secptor in his hand then fell over and died. again. jus wanna know what my chances actually are of him dropping it.
  11. seph and giz

    viserless knight magic (suggestions)

    thanks for that. i thought as he leveled up he would have more knights surrounding him. but he would start off with 1 in front of him. and wth the cannon he would fire it quicker and more powerfully every level up. it might go a bit straighter to. and for the boost up. he would start with 1 knight boosting him up and would end up with four knights throwing him up high in the air. thanks for all your other suggestions as well hpe the behemoth listens and puts them in the game.
  12. seph and giz

    viserless knight magic (suggestions)

    yeah its good but to genearic. plus my suggestions make him unique and stand out edit: i don't know how to spell genearic lol