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  1. If you want to make Game #3 from scratch. First you must, invent the universe. -Carl Sagan
  2. Monkey Island has a giant cotton swab and Star Wars gave us a lightsaber. They could easily give us a weapon but it wouldn't be functional so I'd rather go with something fun like an animal orb one of the more unique weapons (lollipop, chicken, chainsaw etc...). I'd love a King outfit for guys and a Tricky the Princess outfit for girls though.
  3. This is good news. Something to pull me away from Splosion Man AND the awesomeness that is beating things into snot piles.
  4. not totally sure if we could do this or not. i think we've just assumed it would be a huge hassle logistically/legally, but it's a great idea! maybe when the new game comes out we can give it another thought. Can you guys influence MS in a decision to make a bundle of all three of your games or do they have to "publish" it that way? I can't see anything but goodness from a Behemoth bundle pack for exposure. It's guarentees the AH character unlock and gets more people out there experiencing both Crashers and AH when buying Game 3. Plus everyone needs to be a Soviet Missile Master. I'd also like to suggest the name Big Bad Behemoth Bundle if you do get the ball rolling.
  5. nothing Dan you continue to personify the kind of person we need developing games in the world. Even if the Princess' in game do perpetuate the "women are only good at being hostages" meme in fantasy, I do give you guys credit when you come out and post anything resembling a progressive message. PS: The Kelly demographic needs more representin! Crack that whip on game 3's content Kelly!
  6. For the Off Topic people if you are anticipating Brutal Legend you should also be aware that one of the most classic adventure games of all time created by Brutal Legend's creator is coming back to XBLA this July! I am of course referring to The Secret of Monkey Island! Here's the link to the new game coming for PC and XBLA: http://www.lucasarts.com/games/monkeyisland/ They redid the whole game with voiced dialogue for everything by the Original Guybrush voice actor and you can even see how they changed things by switching between the 256 color version and the new one. Sorry for this being so off topic but I thought any Tim Schafer fans might like to know. PS: Oh and LucasArts has just released info that they are rereleasing a ton of their old games over Steam in the very near future. This includes those old Indiana Jones side scrollers (also by Tim Schafer), the Lego games and even Loom! I'm hoping for Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle but they haven't said anything about those yet.
  7. Why would you only get to pick one? I hate console exclusivity. That kind of thinking just killed me with awesome titles like Rachet and Clank, Halo, Final Fantasy (all), Sly Cooper, Katamari, etc etc... Sony adores their exclusives and Nintendo is only steps behind. 360 "exclusives" were half done to flip off Sony for making a console with a higher price point and a dev kit that was 50% harder to work with. I also get pissed when games come out for console like 360 but they don't do PC platform releases. Granted it may be a bit more time consuming to port a 360 to PC but the PC is the platform with the largest market. It's never a bad idea to release for PC unless you're doing a game like Crysis and you need 24th century technology to run it on minimum settings. HINT TO THE BEHEMOTH! Steam is a great little delivery system and so is Direct2Drive. Imagine all the extra shash you could swim in by releasing this title on PC!
  8. I think this article from The Escapist Magazine regarding Activision CEO challenging Sony to reduce the price of their units, explains a lot about why developers would put PS3 as number 2 or 3 on the list of platforms to develop for. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/vi ... rting-Sony While I personally don't care for console wars and I was pretty happy with the recent explosion of non exclusivity, Sony really does have to step back and rethink it's strategy. It's failed for them so often in the past but perhaps their "big win" with BluRay has given them back some of that old time exclusivity mentality. Specifically, their units are more cost prohibitive, their dev kits are more expensive to buy and harder to work with. That means developers will have to pay more to produce a game that will have a smaller market to penetrate due to the cost factor for consumers. If they dropped the price point on the unit like they said they would a year ago there would be a lot more PS3's floating about right now. Especially if they'd done it before the release of LBP and KZ2. It just irks me to no end since it's been Sony's goal for years to score the proprietary standard that everyone used for gain instead of allowing for diversity in the market. They've tried and failed a lot (Betamax, S/PDIF, ATRAC, MiniDisk, Video8, SDDS) but when they won anything they always seemed to turn the victory into sour grapes for the consumer. Ghostbusters: The Videogame recently had it's worldwide release but since Sony managed exclusive distribution in Europe only the PS3 version is being released there. Meanwhile the Xbox and Nintendo versions of the game (both finished and available in North America and Australia) have no set release date yet. Sony actually held back a game that was fully compete and ready to distribute just because they wanted exclusivity. Like that kind of strategy is going to make someone go out and buy a 400$+ machine? If I were in Europe I'd be so angry at Sony for doing that I'd probably throw my BluRay player at their offices in the hopes that I damage some property, just to let them know I had better ways of wasting money on greedy corporations. Anyways, I wholly wish that PS3 owners could get their hands on Crashers and Game 3 but I can't fault any company (especially an awesome Indy company like The Behemoth) for turning away from the Sony cash vacuum. You go where you think you'll win and with 360 they have one of the largest userbases with a standard interface and a massively well supported (consumer) online delivery system. Oh and the headset works. /rant
  9. From the article I read by someone who played the game in it's current state over in Japan there are indications that what we saw in the "trailer" were only the competitive team game types that may or may not make it into the game. He goes on to speculate there will likely be a plot driven story mode you can play co-op where friends will help you get to places you need to get as as team. He mentioned four game modes the team was testing out ideas with. Painter where you had to change colored blocks by touching them first. Soccer where you bump a ball around to try and knock it into the opposing net. Coin pickup whereby that crazy looking golden fish thing swims all over the level dropping coins and the most coins picked up by a team wins. Soul Collector whereby when you jump on an enemy's head their soul will escape their body. Collect it by moving over it. Those killed can try and grab their soul back if they're fast enough from the respawn. Other than that not a lot more info to go on. Yet!
  10. The song is Verdi: Requiem, Dies irae. Not to be confused with the Mozart version. Here's the youtube of the New Russia State Symphonic playing it:
  11. Did anyone else feel like the Synj and Horrid vids were a lot like Shadow of the Colossus? Synj did climb up the giant and stab him in the sensitive spot...
  12. Its not an RPG, its an action adventure game Now you going to where RPGs get annoying the sections among rpgs ie: JRPG, ARPG, WRPG, etc... also actually Im pretty sure that Ocarina of Time is a Action-RPG lol but to me a true RPG will always be JRPG. I'd have to call you on that one. RPGs were not played electronically from the start. The first RPGs were pen and paper games like D&D. If you're looking for a nice example of a true electronic RPG I'd say Baldur's Gate is the purest distillation of the genre. Why we'd want a pure distillation of an RPG all the time is a silly idea since the advent of games like Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Too Human and my favorite example Tabula Rasa. I think games that provide a synergy of genres are the future. I'd be happy to see a lot of different genres from the Behemoth machine but I think the epitome of gaming right now would be a 3D action co-op RPG shooter set in a sandbox persistant world. Okay so that's a tall order from any game company... bottom line here is that any kind of synergy that produces a fun to play game will rake dollars. Crashers was a beat em up RPG with amazing Paladin art and did swimmingly! Braid was a platformer puzzle game and blew the socks off everyone. I hope game 3 is another great synergetic game with simple and fun gameplay just like AH and CC was before it. Cheers to the future of the giant egg chicken!
  13. It was done before in Alien Hominid and I believe it originally spawned from a Newgrounds animated video of some kind. I don't feel like really sifting for it but perhaps Dan or Tom has the answer more readily. I think you see it during the Soviet level in AH.
  14. Just to clarify for anyone reading this far in: Altering the game data using a hex editor is against the XBL Terms of Service and is subject to ban with no refund. Also altering game code is actually an international copyright violation if the code is not covered by the General Public License. You can be fined, sued and jailed for this crime. You do not have the RIGHT as was implied on a post in page one. Blizzard's World of Warcraft has been the largest example of this legality in action.
  15. Level 78 is the max number for stat point increases. After that you're looking at adding HPs and from what I noticed a slight increase in defense and magic. I will test out the Str and Agi by seeing if the damage increases for melee and bow attacks on my next level 99 project character.