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  1. I never posted in here, so... I have now been introduced.
  2. Kills no ones mom ending up paying Mc Cain with the real banana.
  3. Granted, but you get a box full of I wish for this topic to be closed. /sarcasm
  4. Granted, but Microsoft bans your account 1 second later disabling you to use them.
  5. Grante- Whoops, that wish failed, and during the process, you corrupted yourself, leading to suicide. Sorry. I can, still make a wish to bring you back.
  6. Begin George Bush's ending praising Obama the fake banana.
  7. Banned for having a "WTF IS THAT" Sig and avatar.
  8. What about asking Microsoft to help make an event? I've seen other games advertising about being able to play of the devs of some games on the 360s dashboard and the site. Example: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/cal ... evelopers/ Maybe something like that.
  9. Banned for saying the word "Mac" or anything apple related.
  10. Nope, that's still and always will be the only way.
  11. Made a significant reference to portal with the painter boss.
  12. Banned for stealing my post.
  13. Having the princesses as characters would bee cool, but that would just make a paradox in the game itself. Plus what about seeing them "rescue" themselves?