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  1. useing the glitch is the only fun thing to do in the game and when people see all of your lvl 99s it makes you look like a total hardass
  2. if you play castle crashers and dont do the glitch that means you got no life and my life is way better than yours trust me on that god i hate dumb little kids
  3. Yay boomerang glitch....Actually play the game fo real, yo. your just jealous you damn noob
  4. just got another guy up to lvl 99 today
  5. fuc-k u Says the guy who has all level 99's who boomeranged them up there. And seriously, what was with the language there? There was no real reason, I'm sure. Kids these days D:< fuc.k you 2
  6. dont you love just beating the game on normal and then just getting up to the cat or bat on insane and just doing the glitch to get 99 ? it makes me happy when i go up to select a character and seeing all my lvl 99s
  7. just got brute lvl 99 but dont no who to start up next
  8. just got my royal guard lvl 99 today and im at like lvl 74 on my brute now so he will also be 99 by tonight
  9. all mine are in my sig who do you guys think i should get up next
  10. im at forest entrance right now and i cant beat that one boss on insane at the end of the forest with me lvl 39 so if someone would help me ill give u the septar or something so if you are nice enough to help send me a f/r
  11. whats wrong with useing them its to hard to get 99 the regular way cuz the story mode is 2 short
  12. if you have a lvl 99 post what character you played as