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  1. You can do what they said above to get your Donuts head. "If you have another LIVE account that's already on your system which has NOT yet earned the Donuts Prisoner, play the Feature again locally with this new account signed in as Player 1. Player 1 will earn the head, and can trade it back to your primary account in the Trading Booth in co-op." You can also create a free Silver account for this purpose if you don't have another LIVE account that's already on your system.
  2. Furbottom's Features Co-op is not working right now it give's a the error message "The BattleBlock Theater service is not available. Please try again later.".
  3. I signed up on January 16th. And still have not got my e-mail. I resent it 3x and tried changing e-mail providers to see if one was blocking it thinking it was spam. But I can still access the forums and it is long past 7 days just wanted to give you a heads up about that. I will try to change my e-mail provider back to my 1st pick and resend the validation e-mail again today before I go the support route because I don't want to be disqualified from the BattleBlock Beta because of this issue . Thank you.
  4. Hi I have yet to get my validation emails too I have been trying since yesterday. I even went and changed my email provider to a different one just in case it was them blocking it. But as a read above I can still sign-up for the Beta even with out it so I will right now. Thank you.