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    I feel bad for Behemoth.

    I'm just realizing now how tough Behemoth must have it. They lost alot of fans with the ridiculous release of the Necro DLC, and now, no one had to buy it thanks to the 256 glitch. Thanks MicroSoft. You probably lost big bucks there.
  2. vKrayToR

    I feel bad for Behemoth.

    Even if you don't feel bad, I feel that you deserve more then you get. Castle Crashers is a top ten game for hundreds of thousands of people, and it's only an arcade game. I don't know, but if I were MicroSoft, I'd be giving you guys what you should be getting.
  3. vKrayToR

    Dan Paladin's birthday!

    Facebook told me that it's tomorrow. HPPY BURFDAY DAN!
  4. vKrayToR

    Gold Skull Count

    Did it with the Necro
  5. vKrayToR

    Necromancer Level 99

    Please Subscribe as well
  6. vKrayToR

    Necromancer Level 99

    If you were smart, you would of noticed that I undid all of them.
  7. vKrayToR

    Necromancer Magic.

    Well, it's not really as over powered as I was hoping. It's actually pretty under powered. Discuss?
  8. vKrayToR

    Necromancer Magic.

    Did you expect it to be overpowered just because it's a boss in the game? It's not underpowered when I play as him. I think it was because everyone was over hyping it way too much, causing the majority of people to be disappointed. I wasn't disappointed, because I knew what it would be In Kelly's thread about it, she said that his magic would be "uberly awesome"
  9. Ok, I will tell you right now, the 256s will never be banned, ever. This will lose them a ridiculous ammount of money for any possible DLC for the game. The only thing I could possibly see happening, is the resetting of all Castle Crasher levels.
  10. This game looks more then fun. But 2010?! Is that a cruel joke?! O and btw if it doesn't come out for the 360, I'll probably kill myself.
  11. vKrayToR

    Castle Crashers Extended Pack

  12. vKrayToR

    You're banned!

    You're banned because rhymes aren't cool.
  13. AHAHAHAHAHA. Would you rather have the giant new DLC for fallout 3? or some homo little characters for some crappy little 2d arcade game? It's obvious, I'm not wasting my money on a game I don't play any more, for two characters that won't be fun. All the little fangirls on here can just say "ooo its teh mikrosopht thats dun releesin n00b" but it's obvious Behemoth doesn't care. I bet behemoth doesn't want it to be released, because then everyone is going to play for another week, and we're all going to remember how poopy the servers are.
  14. vKrayToR

    Necromancer FAQ

    I was laughing back in January when it still hadn't come out.
  15. vKrayToR

    Necromancer FAQ

    Every month, there is one new, steaming hot DLC for some game or another. They're waiting for the list to run dry. Then they can make moar moneez.
  16. vKrayToR

    The DLC isn't coming out.

    I played CC today. It was boring. We need new characters and stages to keep us interested. So let me ask you Behemoth. Do you want the DLC to come out? Because if you really did, we'd of had it for about 3 months. Good bye. PS TO FANBOYS Yes I know MS decides, but Behemoth hasn't done one thing about the ridiculous wait..
  17. vKrayToR

    The DLC isn't coming out.

    LOL. 10 year olds will be 10 year olds. I know Microsoft is deciding, but I'm sure Behemoth hasn't really pushed for it. It's just incomprehensible how Microsoft could take this long. If they saw once what the Behemoth website had turned into, they'd have released it weeks ago. -Which is why I blame Behemoth. PS Fanboys have no say in arguments.
  18. vKrayToR

    The 256 Bot

    If all of the 256ers killed themselves, the problem would be solved.
  19. vKrayToR

    Who is your favorite character?

    Alien Hominid. His magic is so unique, I love it.
  20. well, that is unnecessarily negative and blatantly untrue. We've been upfront with folks from the get go on this, as much as we are allowed (by law) to discuss. please do not spread falsehoods. It was a joke, I'm just tired of these threads.
  21. Didn't you hear? Behemoth forgot to send the Necro/Wizard to Microsoft, and they're blaming them for the non-release.
  22. vKrayToR

    Dlc for castle crashers coming out APRIL 16TH

    Yea. April 16th, 2010.
  23. vKrayToR

    Beaten Insane mode? Gold Skull.. Post your pics

    Sir Darkened did it with EVERY character.
  24. It's taking so long, I'm not even sure if I'm going to buy it.
  25. vKrayToR

    Will this wednesday be the day?

    Oh yea, we forgot to tell him didn't we? You don't get it. The rest of us have it, and it's pretty sweet.