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  1. Sweet! Thanks bud. I'm online right now.
  2. I have a short list of weapons I need. If anyone could help out and trade with me, it would be greatly appreciated! My gamer tag is Captain Simian. Wooden Mace Rubber Handle Sword Wooden Sword Alien Gun Snakey Mace Ugly Mace Dual Prong Sword Rat Beating Bat Sai
  3. Whenever I try to load up the Furbottom co-op feature, either locally or hosting an online match, it tells me that the theater is currently not available. Everything else in the game seems to work fine. It's especially aggravating because all I needed to finish was the finale.
  4. I would also like to have the Furbottom head if anyone would be willing to part with it. My tag is Captain Simian. Is anyone else having trouble getting into the co-op Furbottom levels? Whenever I try to go in with my fiancé, it says the theater is currently not available.