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  1. Why does the weapons frog have antlers? And why do they keep weapons in a frog?
  2. Banned for hitting babies in the face with soccer balls
  3. I find it absolutely amazing that froglet isnt winning. I assumed he would have 80% of the votes. Guess not.
  4. Banned!!! ... ... that's it...
  5. Granted, but only shark infested water. I wish someone would corrupt this wish
  6. I think I might once the price lowers. I dont think the price is going anywhere.
  7. I can beat the game on hard (one level at a time mind you)
  8. Why isnt that on newgrounds?
  9. I bet they make CC2 after they make a few other games. Everyone would buy it cause it says castle crashers.
  10. I think it should be dad n me where you beat up fbi agents, cops, aliens, etc. And if you fill up your power meter all the way you get to play as dad for 20 seconds or so. Oh and you could pick up grenades, M16's, super weapons and such. I think it would be epic.
  11. OMG yes that would be awesome. He could throw grenades as his close range magic and fire his machine gun as his distance magic.
  12. I believe its from "Castle Crashing the beard" no?
  13. Periwinkle is purplish blue right? I assumed "periwinkle knight" was a joke on "the black night."