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  1. Yeah, I'm barely managing 7 KB/sec most of the time, and only occasionally hitting 10.
  2. This is kinda cool. A little bit of polishing and a possibly way to make it as multiplayer co-op awesome as CC, and it'll be great.
  3. Tofu Man?In order to save their animal friends*, Tofu Man and Behemoth the Chicken must team up to rid the world of carnivores and convert all to vegetarianism. Their quest will be perilous, their fights will be ridiculous, but one other thing is for sure...** *Sounds a bit like Sonic. **Insert cool final sentence here.
  4. Icekimo is probably the hardest to unlock. No friction = Sad knight.
  5. My Red Knight hit 99 with 113681, so I'm thinking it has something to do with how many enemies you were hitting right when you reached the level. Don't know about that 16777340 though.
  6. How do you know if the four knights aren't? if they were girls then they wouldnt kiss the princesses Unless they're all secretly Katy Perry.They did seem to like it...
  7. 99 on my Red Knight just yesterday (5-6 boomerang'd levels if anyone was curious, but those were just when I was trying to see how it worked) Next up is my Fire Demon. He works okay in my troll boosting spot, but it'll take longer than it took RK.
  8. Fully maxed Icekimo magic at level 13. Out of sheer curiosity, I replayed the Barbarian levels until 13 so I could max it all out at once. Basically everything is down in two hits now. Of course I'll be needing more defense now.
  9. Beefy Bear (or in CPU cases, the headbanging skeleton that turns beefy because of the Necromancer) is my favorite. I never max out specific stats for characters except in the case of maxing out Icekimo's magic at level 13, so let me know how those characters go. I always try to raise magic to the second stage then gradually increase strength and a little bit of defense. By the time I'm around the boss, I like to have all magic powers unlocked, ~15-20 of the strength bars filled and about half the defense filled. That's what I did with my Red Knight and it worked great. Then when I maxed everything else out, I went back for agility. Not sure what I'll do in the future though, since after seeing how helpful a leveled up agility can be, it's really tough to choose which stats to go for right off the bat. Without having a little bit of everything, boss fights can get a whole lot tougher, but I feel agility is one of those stats you can put off until the end, since if you put more into strength and magic, you don't have to worry about moving around quickly since you can just beat the enemies down. But Agility+Strength for Thief and Magic+Defense for Orange sounds like a good choice. Again, I'd like to hear how easy/hard the game gets toward the end since you're just focusing on those two stats for each character.
  10. I'll say Painter, though Sock Puppet Dragon is a close second. And you forgot Troll Boss.
  11. True. Don't know why I never thought to do that. And as far as the difficulty on Insane, I'm level 82 and I make it from Thieves Forest to the end of the Catfish boss fairly easily with 5 potions. I'm usually either down to 1 or completely out by the end of it. I agree it does get really hard to try and solo later in the story mode though.
  12. Not just the Red Knight, it's just that his power makes it the quickest, since you can hit upwards of 15 enemies at once. Any other character can just as easily jump attack the trolls (Jump+Y is awesome for this), they'll just gain exp about 1/3 as fast.
  13. Go to Insane mode and Thieves Forest. Fight all the way up to the troll boss before the deer run. If you've got Red Knight with full magic, this is a really good spot. Just attack the boss until there are a ton of trolls surrounding, fight them to one side of the screen and RT+Y as many as you can and hold it until you either get hit or your magic runs out. This is especially good for those who want to be "legit" and don't approve of the boomerang exploit. I think the most I've gained from one fight was 4 levels. Much quicker if you die instead of beating the troll boss as well, since if you beat him you'd have to go through the river sections. So back to my main question, anyone else ever done this? As much as I'd like to think I'm unique, who else enjoys boosting this way?
  14. I'd say do exactly what they did with AH and putting him in CC. With the next game include Alien Hominid and a few Castle Crashers characters as playable characters (or enemies) for those that have an achievement in the games. Then just go on and do something completely new, with little easter eggs and inside jokes for those who've played their previous games. There's no way they'll leave the pooping deer out of their next game. As far as CC goes, DLC is a must. New characters, orbs, and weapons are cool, but I'd much rather have some campaign expansions. In fact, make them similar to the branching levels in Starfox 64. Beat a level in a certain way, or go through a different path, and you find another level. I would love these: -Queen Bee boss fight (triggered by going a different path in Flowery Fields) -Space levels (having a player jump onto one of the other chairs in the Space Ship level, then escaping with the huge alien) -More lava levels (Fire Demons are awesome) Anything that will make the campaign that much more enjoyable would be great. As much as I'd love more characters and things like that, new levels and multiplayer variations would be so much better.
  15. Ooh, 4 points. I'll have to beat that record.