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  1. etha7


    cat done with a mouse, how ironic
  2. etha7


    You guys must enjoy the literature of Edgar Allan Poe if this comes from where i think it does. technically it also means to drink deeply.
  3. does anyone know how to cause tranparency? i can get it go bassically tranparent but it is still a little dark. Also i am having trouble getting objects moved between diffferent images. thanks!
  4. sad face i am too late to get teh points
  5. etha7

    My first Flash

    not bad at all!!!
  6. etha7

    sarah palin

    I will make her hair darker, thanks for the suggestion
  7. etha7

    sarah palin

    i was wondering about what people thought about the elections and i was bored.
  8. etha7

    is gimp safe?

    i am sorry to be bothering the fan-art community with such a simple question. I am wondering if gimp is safe so that i can use it to create pictures of mediocrity and such. thank you for your help.