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  1. Bradleyyboyy Green Knight Thick Sword The Hawk (brings me the food from fallen enemies) (My massive combos can hurt much more than ur stupid lightning attack, you people know who you are)
  2. well thwere is a danger of it now, but that is one of the things the TU is supposed to fix, and seeing all the people that are interested, i think this little shindig might actually get its feet on the ground soon with some actuall planning, if an mods or devs could give me advice or help maybe we could make this an official thing? PLEASE?!
  3. nothing really, just kind of a little celebration for when it finally comes out
  4. ok so i really am ready for the title update to come out and I'mn sure everyone else is too. I thought maybe a great way to test it for our community is to have a big T.U. Madness game day we could have speed runs of the actual story mode, or other variations of story mode (like everyone start with a lvl 1) and insane, also I would like to try to have an arena tournament and Quaf tournament. If anyone would like to help me make this all possible pm me or post on here i will try to keep track of everyone posting and we'll try to get teams together and stuff but i would much appreciate the help if anyone would Later and I'll see you guys at the T.U. Madness game day
  5. my computer is widescrren, plz make those, and how do i check what the dimensions of my actual screen are? so i know which ones to dwnld? i did prntscrn and pasted it in paint, and then checked it in attributes and im thinkin mine is 1280 x 800, think you can size for this?
  6. sticl it to them kelly, andi actually went and read some of the S@17 they were saying, and thats basically what it is, they all complain and base their facts on things they dont even know, none of them know how hard the behemoth guys are working at this, and they do a great job at keeping us updated and i cant wait for the patch, but i grin and bear it and just keep playing this great game anyways
  7. duh, in the unlockable spectrum its most def the skeleton, he is awesome, and i totally thought the brute would be kool, until i actually used him but what ev the skeleton is best
  8. so yeah, I love CC, and the Green Knight is def. the best one, my fav. so much that I drew a picture of him
  9. also the little jelly monsters are really close to the ones from multiple Zelda games, except they usually split into smaller ones, except for Zelda II on nes, those look identicle, also they have used shovels in the zelda series (oracle of seasons/time) but for some odd reason i think the pbj sandwiches are some time of reference, maybe?
  10. great work dude, all awesome, but i have like all of them, but would like 1440x900 or whatever widesreen is, think i could get the hook up?
  11. i say Native American: Mohawk he would have a kool mohawk, and a chestplate with like bones and beeds weapon: tomahawk(+5 agility, +1 strength, -1 defense) prolly lvl 10 pet: wolf- attacks enemies for small amount of dammage, then eats dead enemies transfering health to you magic: wind flies through with leaves, kind of like the sand magic for Y throw little tomahawks for B and jump would send leaves every where he would be epic
  12. my gt is Bradleyyboyy and i have sent a fr to the CCIC but it is still yet to be accepted, do i have do do anything else besides send the FR?
  13. is the GT Behemoth CCIP or whatevr the last letters are, please tell me, full cause i would really like to add it and get in on that group, insane is challenging and i would love to actully be able to play it with a few good people, anyone got any info for me?
  14. i just hope he adds something new, like shooting fire, or maybe giving you the ability to not stop your combe, like when trying to do a combo and someone hits you, if it could do that that would be awesome