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  1. yea i am so used to being disconnected like every 3 levels especially when we change between maps
  2. so just now me and my best pal and his guest (thats total of 3 people) played through the entire campaign starting from lvl 1....this is the catch. NEVER GOT DISCONNECTED!!!! and the whole game it lagged for like 3 second in 1 or 2 areas.
  3. possible photoshop?! cause those are rumored DLC
  4. that doesnt work because my brute doesnt have his weapon equipped and im not going to reset it because its lvl 99
  5. today i lost all my money/pets/weapons...i dont mind very much except for my money because i had 30,000 gold ...anyway i collected all of my pets and most of the weapons back but i realized that i couldn't get the ninja's or the brute's weapon. theres no way in earth you can get the brutes especially cause you never fight his normal form and the ninja the chances are too slim...other than resetting my character data or trading with another person there are no way (my brute is 99 no way im resetting) ADVICE i think the update should also include that you should automatically unlock the weapon in the weapon frog when you unlock the character
  6. im in!!! gamertag in my sig add me once the xbox update is done
  7. actually im very thankful that it wasn't noticed!! cause if it was the game would have been pushed back even further and im sure all of us fans who have been following this game for years would have been very disappointing. besides playing 2 player with a buddy only is fun enough and you only get disconnected once every 30 min or so with 2 player.(considering you have decent connection) and i once tried local 3 player with my buddies...IT WAS A BLAST!!!stayed up all knight beating the game 6 times within the span of 24 hours!!
  8. hahaa i take credit for giving glitch the weapon huzaa!!! lol but nice vid and im your first subscriber on youtube!! go me
  9. how do you use the guitar controller?
  10. GT- II ReAcTiion II LVL 99-orange and red
  11. yea and you can also fix it by doing the "a a" combo
  12. haha currently working on 2 characters on insane mode both around the and lightning
  13. Hey reaction, I would help you out buddy but as you know already my stuff is all gone! We can play together soon though, I have quite a bit of re-unlocking to do. cant wait!! ill help you get your things back such as pets and weapons
  14. theres no way you can beat the game 100% within 15 hours even with 1 character thats almost impossible 100% means ALL CHARACTERS LEVEL 99 AND BEAT INSANE MODE thats what i consider 100% of the whole game..
  15. im not complaining about skipping levels that i played through about a dozen times but...i thought the behemoth should be notified. so i was just playing as the brute got all 3 artifacts to go across the boat so i beat the ninja pirates...went to the desert level then i backed out to the map to save and guess showed me that i played the whole desert area except for the 2 sand castle stages. so i gladly got the treasure map very fast. P.S. there are lots of other areas of the game where u can skip levels. from my experience when im playing with a friend who plays as a character that already beat the game, if i skip to all the major levels (bosses, stage clear areas, etc) i can bypass the other levels. P.S.S. if this post confused you...sorry have a good day castle crashing
  16. wow...since you have a silver membership you played the whole game on insane by yourself?!! wowwowowoweeewowow im surprised i thought it was impossible to do insane all by yourself. you have my castle crashers respect
  17. unlocking beekeeper was a pain cause i really dont like the barbarian's magic so all i did was strength and defense and it was pretty boring cause all i do is button mash without magic
  18. YAYA AS OF TODAY I HAVE ALL KNOWN CHARACTERS~!! any suggestions on what characters to play the game as now? (exception of alien hominid)
  19. by only 1 to go i meant as all the known characters and ways to get them
  20. im stuck on the desert area of castle crashers..i tried it twice with a buddy and we failed twice and i hate the desert level so i dont want to redo it again so im planning on getting couple of high levels prefer 4 so post your gamertag here if you want to help P.S. im a red knight so if you play as red knight then dont bother posting
  21. update...i only need to beat it 1 more time for all the characters only character missing... Beekeeper
  22. i was just merely posting my progress..and i am interested in others people's approach
  23. oh yea and im at the desert area for my red knight on insane mode...