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  1. Hands down the necromancer should be the next figure. If they do plan on making him they should include his wings to remove or place, to the owners discretion.
  2. Well lets wait for his official word. I too check everyday so I can use the Necro as my gamerpic. But just like with the Necro pack we will have to wait again.
  3. Castle Crashers 2 hands down. I have seen videos of game 3 and it seems like a modern day Mario Bros. Not Super Mario Bros. but the one where you hit the spike turtles from underneath. Castle Crashers 2 will break every record set.
  4. I still dont understand the beef with a lvl 256 character. I really dont. I know many players used a game genie, game shark to boost stats or a cheat code once in their life on a video game. Its not a big deal. I just want to know where is the picture pack!!!!!!?????
  5. So I have an opinion that is not the same as yours? So that qualfies me for a ban? By the way I highly enjoy the behemoth and their repertoire of games and expansion packs. Im not so overly hyped about the Necromancer because my favorite character is Barbarian or Stove Face. But i do appreciate the chainsaw very much Why does he want you banned? Is it because you said on here you have a lvl 256 character? I dont see what the big deal is about having a lvl 256 character. If you want to have a lvl 256 character then you have all right, you spent your points on the game, you should be able to play it anyway you want.
  6. I cant see if anyone mentioned this but Kelly said their would be a picture pack. I cant find it, has M$ released this yet? One other thing, I was waiting for this DLC for a while and I am not disappointed by it. It is what it is. I wish the chain-saw stats where better but someone who had used the chain-saw since the testing stage mentioned that it only gave +4 defense. Im just happy that its all over and I have all the weapons and characters. Great job BEHEMOTH and I will look forward to Castle Crashers 2. The 3rd game does not strike my interest. I have seen countless videos and I will not waste my points on that one.
  7. We wait. Then when the "day" comes around we CELEBRATE!!!! WEll like I said. 8/27 is around the corner marking the 1 year anniversary of CC. It might happen around that time or when the PS3 gets CC. Who knows when it will drop.
  8. August 27th is around the corner. I wonder if M$ will release the last DLC near or on this date. Or will M$ hold off until the PS3 version is released.
  9. Did you get the TU that came out like 2 weeks ago? Where've you been. HAHAHAHA GOOD ONE. I bought the new DLC. I gots lots of love for Behemoth
  10. I was about to ask the same question, when will DLC made available? The update does not excite me as I purchased this game on release date and I have beat the game with every character. The update will just be the same old game to me, but maybe with new characters I will play it again. Don't get me wrong this is a very fun game. I purchased the figures due to my love for the game. I just would like DLC.
  11. I purchased the new theme but i don't like the idea that i cant see the bottom half of the image. Who knows maybe a update will make the icons transparent
  12. I don't think so. The only other thumbs up I am aware of comes from Chuck Norris. But I never seen Chuck in hot Magma with a half metal/skull face and red eye and giving a thumbs up as he dies.
  13. go rent Terminator 2 or go youtube and look for terminator 2 or something. Terminator2 was amazing when it came ou in the early 90's. I seen it in the teahter. But here is a quick break down, John Connor wanted the Termintor to show more emotion. The terminator is a machine, it knows of no emotion. As the movie goes along there is a short seen when Arnold learns how to give a thumbs up. So at the end of the moive the terminator (Arnold) tells John "I now know why you cry, it is something i cannot do" and as he lowers himself in hot liquid metal to destroy the last remaining chip of Skynet/ Cybernet in his metal head, he raises his thumb to John to show him what he has learn. Its a salute, and if im correct these programers are in their late 20 early 30's as myself asnd we remember that moment and how awesome the movie was. If you really pay attention the game is " A Link to the past clone". One of the greatest SNES games ever. They are many other moments in the game that have some meaning or other. But i hope i cleared it up for you a bit. If not just click on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsTzX2-4Kmw
  14. I like the figure and i will get the rest but i will get one at a time, they took away the special of buying 3 and getting one free. Well i missed out. So in total i would have given Behemoth $130 after all the figures and the XBL game. To bad i cant get like a free sticker or something.
  15. I got my figure today and I have to say it looks realy cool. My one issue is the red on the knight is not that red. The red looks almost washed out. But the figure looks great and he is now at my desk protecting me from my evil employer. I wonder if I could throw the ax at his head and be able to chop it off? Ohhh........ Darn it! I missed, I will get him next time he isn't looking