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  1. Deadliest Clone

    When will blacksmith pack be out for ps3?

    It took 7 months to get the Pink knight to Xbox 360 so I doubt anytime soon
  2. Deadliest Clone

    Castle Crashers crashes into PSN Aug. 31st!

    Cant wait.. Loved the 360 version and defiantly will buy it for PS3
  3. Deadliest Clone

    Guess the release date?

    December 22, 2012
  4. Deadliest Clone

    Castle Crashers is Coming to Playstation 3!

    December 30th,2010
  5. Deadliest Clone

    Which Castle Crasher Did You Start With?

    Red Knight- because its my favorite color
  6. Deadliest Clone

    Do a lot of people still play?

    I'm waiting for it to come out on PS3 and I'll probably re-buy it on there...any word if they did make different characters or not cause I know they were talking about it
  7. Deadliest Clone

    DLC give away

    How come people can't just buy the DLC? Its only 160 Microsoft points which is like 2 dollars
  8. Deadliest Clone

    The Behemoth+You=Long lasting friendship!

    It would be better without these level 256's running around online
  9. Deadliest Clone

    Castle Crashers is Coming to Playstation 3!

    Hope there will be no level 256's on the PlayStation 3 version of Castle Crashers. I might end up get it if they do make new characters for it
  10. Deadliest Clone

    I think the 256s just got banned!

    First game I played today the other 3 people were level 256's =/
  11. Deadliest Clone

    Non-Necros Dropping Out

    Doesn't really bother me if some one pick a Necro or minion. I just want to beat insane with my brute( up to desert now) the only reason i'll leave the game if there is a level 256 in the party
  12. Deadliest Clone

    Who is your favorite character?

    My favorite character is the Brute
  13. Deadliest Clone

    Castle Crashers Capture The Flag Idea

    Does it really matter if its an old topic? If someone made a new thread there will be someone who will say *this was suggested before use search next time* I think its a great idea there is a game like this already on PS3 (Fat Princess) and its awesome
  14. Deadliest Clone

    PS3 characters ahoy?

    That would be cool if they made different characters for the PS3 version, if they do maybe I'll even buy it on my PS3 also when it comes out =O
  15. Deadliest Clone

    1 year. Thank you

    Thanks for the AWESOME game =D