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  1. I would hate to see a sequel, especially because, not only would we not be able to use our characters, some of the old content wouldn't be there. IMO, we should make DLC called castle crashers 2, essentially a whole new campaign, 20 more characters, all that stuff, but add it to the old game so the game is more of an expanded version. any ideas or thoughts?
  2. Oh, i love them too, I just wish they were less, then I would buy all of them...
  3. Heres my view on the action figures. I paid 12 dollars for the GAME castle crashers. Good DEAL IMO! I would pay 8 more dollars than that, for a useless action figure, FROM the 12 dollar game. hmm. Something isn't right BTW I have nothing against the clothing/hoodie, they are worth the money.
  4. Remember you can visit the knowledge base, which has all this info for you.
  5. The king likely going to be playable, so that will also cause some problems, or they could be replaced with someone else or just not be there When you are playing as the king, just replace the NPC YOU AREN'T WITH TRICKY THE CLOWN! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/75657
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    Hey anyone else want to do insane? I have a 57 Industrialist, big help on bosses and just insane in general, Im on right now, send me an INV, my gamertag is my forum name exactly.
  7. D3ST1N

    Lol DLC

    Can you imagine it comes out and its like, one new weapon and like, The glitches fixed, and it costs like 17 dollars... Im making a poll of how pissed off you would be.
  8. Im going to cheat and use two words combined... LIFE-ITSELF
  9. No, but i need some peeps to Shoop da woop with me and get medic... Anybody in? Im on right now, add me to friends, Im D3ST1N
  10. I like it, But there is a couple changes I would like to make... King-Beat the game with everyone -I like this because it encourages people to replay the game, as if you will always have something to do, this will lower the chance of people wanting to never play this game, and make them have more incentive to play it again and again, thus bringing up replay value. Wizard- Beat the game with the king Just another added to the king's explanation, the only, tier 27th character Necro- DEFINITELY NOT. Not only would this get us nowhere, people would all play as the necromancer. My Opinion is to beat the game with a party of two or more to unlock this guy, Increasing the amount of people wandering onto online to increase the online playability and put a whole lot more people playing online to defeat the annoying, go onto the forums and look for everyone who plays, add them and message them a million times until they agree to add you technique... so, Necro- Beat the game with a party of 2 or more Visorless Knight- YES! YES! I totally agree. This will not ONLY make people want to -GET ONLINE AND PLAY SOME ARENA AND QUAFF- It makes them want to replay the game and complete it 100% for achievements like, Deer Trainer- "Don't hit any obstacles in the abandoned mill stage." or Animal Handler "get all unlockable animals in the game" or Kay Eye Ess Ess, "get one of every princesses kiss on AN ONLINE GAME" which will also increase online playing. Thanks for reading guys, Hope you like my suggestion.
  11. Nice. Bat Cave arena? Poop falls from the sky on both sides every once and a while, making it harder to walk around as easy? But having said that, remember that none of the crap we are saying in this forum will probably ever get put into DLC unless it's a glitch patch, or they have already completed it, and you just happened to guess what they already made. Unfortunatly guys, I don't think behemoth has such big plans for castle crashers. It's the sad truth we all have lurking in the back of our minds... Of course, I would LOVE If they did do all these great ideas, and the reason DLC is unrealeased date is because we are all getting our ideas put into it... I guess either way, we will have to wait... PLEASE BEHEMOTH WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO QUIET? PLEASE SEND NEWS OR SOMETHING, A REPORT, YOUR PROGRESS, EVEN IF YOU LIKE OUR IDEAS! JUST... SOMETHING... I go from happy to sad...
  12. They could always underpower him, I think it would just be sweet to CHARGIN MAH LAZAR______ SHOOOOP DAH WOOOOPUh
  13. I actually am very skilled with coding and flash, do a little tunes a NG's Myself, with a bunch of my friends, I would definitely help the cause and help CC the be the best game ever. Behemoth, let me ask you this, do you know you guys have the material to create literally the best game ever? EVER? Please Behemoth, don't move on from this game! please, PLEASE, can you work not only with your small team, which i am aware of, and compliment you guys for making such a great game, but with the community too? we have our helpfulness, and we only wish to make the game much much better. Cmon behemoth, We need you.