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  1. I didn't believe it for even a second either.
  2. I watched thank you for smoking. I think most people would say the movie sucks and was boring, but I really like the main character. Makes me think of myself in school. I'd give it a 7/10. Edit:I wasn't that good at talking in school--I just thought I was.
  3. I remember being told about that over live once, but I totally forgot to look it up. thanks for the reminder.
  4. I would so buy an alien hominid plush, if I had the money. I'm so broke since I bought a new tv.
  5. bringing back the classics is never a bad thing
  6. Its been a while since I've come and read the topics here, but it seems that the conversations haven't changed at all. I can't even remeber how many times I've read posts discussing the pink knight and lesbian CC characters. Anyways, I think the pink night would be an interesting addition, but I don't see any feminine character problems. All the girls I know like CC, and they think almost every character is cute because of the art style.
  7. I really hate those posts, especially the ones that do nothing but insult the behemoth. Only thing that can be done is just ignore the ones that can't be calm about it, and ask politely if there is anything they can do.
  8. I don't know if I'd call being able to juggle an enemy for ever or doing the stomp repetitively a glitch. Juggle is just a tactic for play. The stomp, it is a kinda of a uncool thing to do, but there is always that kinda thing somewhere in the game. Just look at any fighting game. There is always that group of people that do nothing but figure out what they can spam and beat people with.
  9. Good to know, b/c I was pobably wasn't going to play single player arena for a while. That gives me a reason to go try it out.
  10. signed. I got it the second it came out.
  11. I've made it to lava world, but I had to quit to make it to class. I've won a couple arena matches and lost a few aycq matches.
  12. dork5002002


    Great to see CC getting some good rep. I also wonder what make it 9 instead of 10. Probably the repetitive thing, but that is just how the genre is.
  13. Well, I just woke up and it is 2am where I am at, and I am so ready.