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  1. Anyone remember this guy? Still some of the best art I've seen.
  2. B36D

    You're banned!

    Banned for not inviting me to ponyville....meanie Banned for keeping this game going. Haha I haven't been on this website since the beginning off Game#3. I can't believe that this game hasn't stopped.
  3. there will always be the xbox live arcade one tho
  4. haha how have you not seen this before?
  5. let this thread die...he isnt doing this anymore and if he is then he needs to hurry up. sorry but this is just an old thread
  6. B36D

    A good game?

    wow...didnt expect that many replies so fast. what is the new super mario bros for wii i might get that.
  7. B36D

    A good game?

    i have 60$ that im gonna use to buy a game. i have a wii and an xbox 360, what are some good games that have replay ability so i wont get bored with them in like 2 days?
  8. so people dont have to keep scrolling through every page to see all of you work you should just put all the pictures in the first post in a spoiler like this
  9. i got batman arkham asylum, brutal legends, and crackdown all on the same day!
  10. *cough* bet you cant make a berja *cough*
  11. wow! looks like you became one of the most popular artists almost instantley! i like the style it looks the closest to dans i think you can get without copying his actual drawings.
  12. B36D

    In Due Time

    i would tell myself that in 10 years i would go through a time machine...
  13. B36D

    3D Castle Crashers

    i dont know if anyone has asked this but what do you make these in?
  14. an old grandma lol i was playing halo3 so when they died i would say "B36D killed an old grandma"