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  1. Anti-Spiral! Your dirty deeds have stained the universe for the last time! Time to enter a spin-cycle...OF PAIN!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season. Economics has always interested me, though, so that helps. The second season focuses much more on the relationship between Holo and Lawrence. As a result, I didn't enjoy it quite as much as the first season but it's still definitely worth watching.
  3. yes Sweet. Is it too early to say whether player-made levels will become incorporated in the official level pool (through contests and the like)?
  4. I'd have to say Challenge Mode is what I'm looking forward to the most, based solely on the info given. Speed runs are always pretty fun and rewarding but I've never experienced it in a competitive environment. Should be interesting.
  5. Tony Gruff was a nickname I was given back in high school by a buddy of mine at the time. It just kinda stuck shortly afterward and I use it for just about everything that requires a username anymore.