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  1. frazza7

    Pokemon Black and White: Nonsensibility

    Too many pokemon.... Must catch them all ..... But really though there is too many now and when will it end? 1000? I do love my fake out Persian though
  2. frazza7

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but you have to wish for horrid unspeakable evil things I wish for 6000 dollars
  3. A good ol tricky that left some mental scars
  4. frazza7

    My DeviantArt :P

    Cool beans! You just made it? Check mine out (Its in my sig).
  5. frazza7

    PSN Areana Tournament: Sign Up Now!

    Ill join with the Necromancer. My PSN is Sheep-Shagger8
  6. frazza7

    Say one good thing about the avatar or signature above yours

    Thats a great Deviantart page you have
  7. frazza7

    Say one good thing about the avatar or signature above yours

    BBT Char you cant go wrong with that
  8. frazza7

    Insane Mode team

    Oops it was in my sig but i changed it. Sheep-Shagger8 (i beat industrial castle today)
  9. frazza7

    Insane Mode team

    Hey im also looking for a team but i use the red knight. However i have beat the game with the peasant but hes only lvl 25. Im trying to unlock the necromancer and im stuck on the industrial castle with the red knight. Add me if you feel like it i guess haha.
  10. frazza7

    How hard is it to be a concept artist?

    Well keep cracking at it i guess. My plan is to become a graphic designer and i can certainly say ive improved since i started using adobe software. Thats all it takes is practice and learning from mistakes im sure most people would agree.
  11. frazza7

    The PS3 Gathering (Of CC)

    Hey my PSN: Sheep-Shagger8 Im a lvl 75 Red Knight stuck on Industrial castle on insane mode add me if you want to beat insane.
  12. frazza7

    team up for insane mode

    Hey i havent been active on the forums since the xbox release haha but my psn is Sheep-Shagger8
  13. I agree thats why i sold my xbox and bought a ps3 but i miss castle crashers soo much
  14. frazza7

    Castle Crashers for PSN Update!

    i havent been on these forums in a long time. (probably because i sold my xbox and bought a ps3) But this is great news i cant wait to see castle crashers on psn.