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  1. DesertThug


    Sucks! Try it out It's basically a service that allows you to stream video games from a wired connection which is all too awesome however the service and payment options are just whack check it out yo.
  2. No wiispeak or keyboard for me either, and I am now HR 24.
  3. Hit me up, I'm finished with offline and I currently got an HR of 15 soon to be 16. Name: Cinquain ID: VWLXH3 This game is the shiz.
  4. DesertThug


    Never tried out the 360 version of Darwinia and Multiwinia but I have both for the PC and I guarantee you it's better and provides for much more fun. Try it.
  5. To the person that mentioned that it feels like a San Andreas sequel, I now consider you my best friend on this forum. San Andreas was the best GTA that rockstar ever created. GTAIV got great reviews and ratings blah blah blah it did not give me the same awesome feeling of being a hardcore OG chief slapaho like San Andreas did, and like Saints Row does now! I love Saints Row. Beat both games without cheats and enjoyed every moment and appreciated the moments of frustration in failing a challenging mission. IMO GTAIV was the least fulfilling in the RPG sense because nobody wants to be an old war soldier from an underrated Baltic region country.
  6. This is my favorite wii game of all time now. My switch-axe rocks. Don't know my hunter id online is kinda boring as hell for me.
  7. Elliot Smith He was a musical genius.
  8. "Make-Up Sex" - Clear Static (Love British bands and this song is synth pop which rocks.) "Feel It All Around" - Washed Out (Kick back and light one up to this song, it's gonna be an upper not a downer.) "Sun Was High (So Was I)" - Best Coast (A cutsie song I thought, why not?) "Oregon Girl" - Someone Still Love You Boris Yeltzen (An awesome song just to kick back to and think about whatever.) "Juxtaposed With You" - Super Furry Animals (This song is full of epic. I just love it in all it's epicness. Listen to it and prepare for a new favorite.) "Lolita" - Throw Me The Statue (Another cutsie song that just reminds you to relax every once in a while. The instrumental precision is awesome.) That's it for me. If you have an Imeem account check my playlists out. ... -playlist/ Or add me as a friend. Kthxbai!
  9. YES, my t.v. can barely display my own ammo capacity and level because it's pretty light. Adjusting Gamma and brightness can only do so much.
  10. Ron Burgundy: 1001, 1002, 1003. Veronica Corningstone: Uh, Mr. Burgundy? Helen said that you needed to see me. Ron Burgundy: Oh, Miss Corningstone. I wasn't expecting company. Just doing my workout. Tuesday's arms and back. Veronica Corningstone: Well, you asked me to come by, sir. Ron Burgundy: Oh, did I? Veronica Corningstone: Yes. Ron Burgundy: Ohh, it's the deep burn. Oh, it's so deep. Oh, I can barely lift my right arm 'cause I did so many. I don't know if you heard me counting. I did over a thousand. HAHAHHAHHAA WIN
  11. I hit lvl 7 with Lilith yesterday. I'm waiting for my friends to catch up. I think I might buy it for pc also just because the graphics for me are hard to keep up with especially in split screen. I feel confused and lost everytime I stare at the screen.
  12. Oh god. You should rename this topic title to "I am 12 and what is this?" Seriously I just wanna call all of the chans to attack this one topic. It's set in what the 80's? In a black ghetto neighborhood similar to the Californian neighborhoods where about 1% of those black dudes make into college. The language added a better effect to the entire game. What kind of game about thuglife wont have vulgar language? You don't understand where the game is coming from TC and the language isn't added there to make us laugh. "Does a bear poop in the woods?" is a conceptual joke about the obvious. If you didn't get that then by fire be purged. I will bet a million dollars you are under 17 and I'm willing to bet a million more you're in middle school or less. I bought San Andreas when I was only in the 8th grade. I wasn't offended by any of it because honestly swearing isn't as bad as your parents make it out to be. Granted, you wont get a job swearing at an interview but if you seriously [Let's use nicer words please thanks! -mod] bricks everytime someone says something vulgar then please...DON'T LISTEN IN.
  13. Since when has the word "crap" been considered a bad word to warrant a language block? That's almost as dumb as accusing everything you hear to be a sexual innuendo done on purpose. Anyways, I wasn't saying you should stop, I'm just stating my opinion of Nexon's moves towards this game, mostly poor choices. I'm just saying, it's up there on a list. Just take it a little lighter. I think i'll get the point anyway without the use of it. Also I know you weren't telling me to stop. As I said: Also to add that nobody should give a reason to do anything. If you want a reason, look in the mirror and ask yourself. JAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ wtf? Either you just wanna be a douche bag to Denivire or you think you're above the word "crap" which I believe is the most retarded thing ever. But for those of you who still play the game I applaude ya. I gave up on this pos like a month ago.